Sitting under a tree, not thinking of past and future, just being there, where are you? Where is the I? You cannot feel it. It is not there. The ego has never existed in the present. Past is no more, future is yet to be. Both are not. Past has disappeared and future has not yet appeared. Only the present is and in the present nothing like the ego has ever been found. (1)

             There is one of the most ancient meditations still used in some monasteries of Tibet. The meditation is based on the truth I am saying to you. They teach that sometimes you can simply disappear. Sitting in the garden, you just start feeling that you are disappearing. Just see how the world  looks when you  have gone from the world, when you are no longer here, when you have become  absolutely transparent. Just try for a single second not to be.

            In your home, be as if you are not. Just think, one day you will not be. One day you will be gone, you will be dead; the radio will still continue, the wife will still prepare the breakfast, the children will be getting ready for school.  Think: today you are gone, you just are not. Become a ghost. Just sitting in your chair, you simply disappear, you simply think, “I have no more reality; I am not .”And just see how the house continues. There will be tremendous  peace and silence. Everything will continue as it is. Nothing will be missed. Then what is the point of always remaining occupied, doing something, doing something, obsessed with action? What is the point? You will be gone, and whatsoever you have done will disappear – as if you had signed your name in the sands, and the wind comes, and the signature disappears… and everything is finished. Be as if you had never existed.

             It is really a beautiful meditation. You can try it many times in twenty-four hours. Just half a second will do; for half a second simply stop… you are not… and the world continues. When you become more and more alert to the fact that without you the world continues perfectly well, then you will be able to learn another part of your being which has been neglected for long, for lives – and that is the receptive mode. You simply allow, you become a door. Things go on happening without you.


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