Hara Meditation

   Method:                                                                                                             Whenever you have nothing to do, just sit silently and move inside to the place 2 inches below the navel, and remain there.

         "Becoming aware of this center is going to help you tremendously. So the more you abide there, the better. It will create a great centering in your life energies. You just have to start looking into it and it will start functioning; you will start feeling that the whole of life moves around the center. It is from the hara that life begins, and it is in the hara that life ends. All our body centers are far away; the hara is exctly in the center - that is where we are balanced and rooted. So once one becomes aware of the hara, many things start happening.

        "For example, there will be less thinking because energy will not move to the head, it will go to the hara.

        "The more you think of the hara, the more you concentrate there, the more you will find a discipline arising in you. That comes naturally, it has not to be forced.

        "The more you are aware of the hara, the less you will become afraid of life and death - because that is the center of life and death. Once you become attuned to the hara center, you can live courageously. Courage arises out of it; less thinking, more silence, less uncontrolled momenmts, natural discipline, courage and rootedness, a groundedness."


OSHO, This is it, # 8