Judgement is ugly; it hurts people. On the one hand, you go on hurting, wounding them, and on the other hand, you want their love, their respect. It is impossible.

         Love them, respect them, and perhaps your love and respect may help them to change many of their weaknesses, many of their failures Ė because love will give them a new energy, a new meaning, a new strength. Love will give them new roots to stand against strong winds, a hot sun, heavy rains.

         If just a single person loves you, it makes you so strong that you cannot imagine it. But if nobody loves you in this vast world, you are just isolated; then you think you are free, but you are living in an isolation cell in a jail. It is just that the isolation cell is invisible; you carry it with you.

         The heart will open by itself. Donít be worried about the heart. Just do the primary spade work.

The Transmission of the Lamp, # 1