It is very difficult to define a sannyasin, and more if you are going to define my sannyasins. Sannyas is basically a rebellion about all structures, hence the difficult to define.


         The first quality of a sannyasin is an openess to experience. He will not decide before he has experienced. He will never decide before he has experiencied. He will not have any belief systems. He will not say, “This is so because Buddha says it.” He will not say, “This is so because it is written in the Vedas.” He will say, “I am ready to go into it and see whether it is so or not.” 


When you become a sannyasin I initiate you into freedom, and into nothoing else. It is a great responsibility to be free, because then you have nothing to lean upon.Except your own inner being, your own consciousness, you have nothing as a prop, as a support

The Heart Sutra, # 10


         With a master you can never settle forever in anything. The Master has to go on changing you. The moment you feel now your roots are getting deep into the soil, you will be uprooted. The moment you feel. “Now I have learnt this work and I am doing it efficiently”, your work will be changed – because that is not the purpose when you live in a Buddhafield. The purpose is to constantly keep you insecure so one day you learn the beauty of uncertainty, so one day you forget about settling and the very pilgrimage becomes your goal. When the journey itself is the goal, then your life is the life of a sannyasin.

The Wisdom of the Sands, Vol.2, # 1