You are just welcome again and again!

            We are here  waiting for you and all those who want to experience Osho’s meditations. These meditations have proved to be fantastic to us, so much that we have to share them with everybody who may want to get in touch with the world of Osho. Here is an Osho Meditation Center and He is the only guide in this space. Coming here you will meet Him for sure, if you want to. You may come and not meet Him also – He is absolutely delicate. But even without the intention to meet Him you can experience His meditation techniques which are revolutionary. The best place to meet Him, or not to meet Him, is in His ashram in Pune. But if you are coming to Brazil in holidays and going to visit Rio de Janeiro you can come here to enjoy this simple place where you can do the meditations, celebrate, read printed materials and see videos from the world of Osho – the best we have found in our lives. 

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            You can still see something more in Osho White Robe Brotherhood and Neo-Sannyas – you will see how happy and fortunate we are to have the chance to share all this with you. 

            And we can also put you in contact with many people from the world of Osho in different parts of the globe. 

            You are most welcome. 

            About meditation our Beloved Master says:

“Whatsoever you ask is really irrelevant. I will answer the same because I have got only one answer. But that one answer is like a master key – it opens all doors. It is not concerned with any particular lock – any lock and the key opens it. Religion has only one answer and that answer is meditation. And meditation means how to empty yourself.2

Samashti & Abodha
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