0 Consequences for Men Who Ejaculate Irresponsibly

  • Gabrielle Blair is a New York Times best-selling author.
  • The following is an adapted excerpt from his book “Ejaculate Responsibly.”
  • He says that men can get rid of unwanted pregnancies due to irregular ejaculation.

The following is an adapted excerpt from Gabrielle Blair’s book “Ejaculate and Care: A Whole New Way of Thinking About Abortion.”

If a man ejaculates carelessly and causes an unwanted pregnancy, he faces zero consequences. He can move at any time, and our current culture doesn’t do much – or anything? – to be discouraged.

It’s all about the woman

If a woman wants to take Plan B to prevent pregnancy, it is up to the woman to buy it and pay for it — out of her own money, or ask someone else to pay for it.

If a woman chooses to have an abortion, the man may not know that she was the one who caused the unwanted pregnancy because of her careless discharge — and it is still up to the woman to fix it and pay for it (again, from her money, or by asking for money from someone else — and it is assumed that she can deliver it in another country legally).

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If a woman decides to raise a child but does not tell the man, or leaves the child for adoption, she may not know that there is a child walking with 50% of her DNA.

If a woman tells a man that she has had an unwanted pregnancy and that she is having a baby, the closest thing to a consequence for her is that she may want to pay child support. But our current childcare system is notoriously ridiculous.

Men are responsible for taking care of almost everything for the children

Men make up 85% of childcare providers, and only 43.5% of parents say they have enough money to support their children. And it’s estimated that 10 billion dollars in child support goes uncollected each year. In situations where men do not pay child support, in theory, women have legal recourse and can force the man to pay child support, but, again, the system makes it very difficult. It is up to the mother to pay for paternity, pay for a lawyer, and fight for child support in court.

Keep in mind that these court battles are incredibly difficult for a newborn – a child they are trying to feed and care for. And in the end, even if she puts in the time and pays years of legal fees, most women don’t even get all the money anyway. If she can raise it, the average child support plan is $400 a month, which is obviously nowhere near what it takes to house and clothe and feed and educate a child — to say nothing of the time, emotional, and physical costs. of raising a child.

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Our society is designed to protect men from the consequences of their own actions. Our laws and practices could not be better designed to protect men who abandon pregnancies they cause.

I had a conversation with a long-time employee about this, and he listed eight ways for men to avoid consequences and not be held responsible for their exiting actions.

1) There are no laws that require a father to pay child support without a court order. It is not automatic.

2) In many states, credit defaults are not affected by failure to pay child support.

3) Fathers are not fired for impregnating a woman.

4) Fathers are not paid any fees for pregnancy or child care. In at least two countries, fathers can be legally required to pay 50% of medical costs related to pregnancy.

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5) Fathers should not take unpaid weeks or months off work due to pregnancy or childbirth complications.

6) Fathers, don’t lose a cent on the cost of getting a woman pregnant.

7) Fathers are not usually required to pay any funeral expenses for a dead child. At least two countries consider it the responsibility of all parents to pay.

8) If fathers decide to leave at any time – before the child is born or after it is born – there are no social consequences for leaving the child.

There are little or no consequences for jumping out. So, many men continue to carry on, leading to unwanted pregnancy and the emergence of stupidity and never thinking about it. When the subject of abortion comes up, they may think: Abortion makes me uncomfortable. Women should not choose to have an abortion. And they don’t have a single day when they think about the man who caused the pregnancy he didn’t want.

Excerpted from “Ejaculate and Care: A Whole New Way of Thinking About Abortion” by Gabrielle Blair. Workman Publishing © 2022.


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