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Adam Sandler let it go his two daughters document his funny, self-deprecating speech as he accepted the Career Tribute award at the 2022 Gotham Awards on Monday, November 28.

Sandler first joked that his two children called him out for not being able to write his speech before he volunteered to do it for him. Sandler agreed and noted that his children had one thing in common: “Are you going to talk in that bad Southern accent where you do all your dumb talking?” Of course, he was arrested.

The speech got off to a great start, with Sandler reading, “Dear well-dressed dignitaries, well-educated hipsters, and assorted Gotham Awards: Thank you for giving our father, Adam Sandler, this prestigious honor.” life, all time, primetime, GOAT achievement tribute award… It means a lot to him, considering that most of the awards on his trophy shelf are shaped like popcorn buckets, blimps, or fake mini-Oscars that say ‘Father of the Year. ,’ which he sadly bought while wandering in a fog of self-pity through the shops of Times Square.”

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Sandler’s speech was filled with many self-deprecating jokes about his career. When he began his film career in the late Eighties, he said one of his principles was “TBS needs content to show between all basketball games.” Of A great fatherhe’s torn so his kids remember the smash comedy as the movie that launched Cole and Dylan Sprouse’s career or the movie that paid for their house, their grandmother’s house, Rob Schneider’s house, their brakes, and Rob Schneider’s brakes.

When discussing some of his “serious” experiments, such as Chibowa Drunken Love and Uncut GemsSandler joked that these films “left the audience confused as they pondered the mystery: How Bobby Boucher rose up in my emotions and made me laugh, cry, and run to church to ask God why he had blessed a man with so much talent.” than the whole group of The Poseidon Adventure and Mother Mia mixed?”

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Sandler, and his daughters, saved the most important “thank yous” for last, with the actor laughing, “Thank you, mom, for being patient with dad and for his crazy spirit to change all these years. Now it’s a job that deserves the reward of a lifetime.”

Sandler then lowered his voice and added, “I appreciate everything… This means a lot.” I had a great career, I had a great time making all these films, and I appreciate everyone who worked so hard on them. ”

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Sandler received a warm introduction from Josh and Benny Safdie, the brothers who guided him in 2019. Uncut Gems (and are said to be working with Sandler on a new project). The couple recalled watching Sandler continue Saturday Night Live and listening to his 1993 comedy album, Everyone Will Laugh! with the volume turned down so that their father could not hear.

Benny Safdie then ran through Sandler’s most amazing films since Billy Madison to the Chibowa Drunken Love and began calling Sandler “the revolution of the actor industry.” This prompted Benny to repeat, word-for-word, the old, “everyone in this room is dumber” quote from the biggest academic event in the decathlon. Billy Madison.


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