Adam Scott Just Confronted “Boy Meets World” Stars Over His Treatment

These days, Adam Scott is probably best known for his role as Ben White. Parks and Recreationwhich earned him two Critics’ Choice Award nominations for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series.

You may also recognize him for his breakout supporting role in the 2008 comedy film. step brothersor for acting opposite Ben Stiller The Secret Life of Walter Clay.

Most recently, Adam’s performance as Mark Scout in the Apple TV series Separation He received an Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series category.

But you might not know that the actor got his big break playing Griff Hawkins in Season 2 of the ABC sitcom. Boy meets world..

Adam was 21 years old when he joined the series as a recurring cast member, having previously only worked as a background actor.

In fact, before playing Griff, Adam had even appeared as a background character in an earlier episode. Boy meets world..

Griff was brought in towards the end of the season to replace Harley Kenner as the leader of the school bullies. Griff was a last-minute addition to the show after the actor who played Harley suddenly left because he the struggle With his mental health at the time.

In total, Adam appeared in three episodes of season 2 and one episode of season 3.

And while there is no doubt that Adam has managed to make a name for himself out of it. Boy meets world. legacy, he revealed this week that some of his experiences on the show have stayed with him for the past three decades.

On Monday, the actor joined his former castmates Daniel Fishel, Ryder Strong, and Will Friedel as guest stars on his ReWatch podcast, Pod Meets WorldWhere he awkwardly confronted them in the 90s for treating them like this.

Adam said he remembers Ryder hooking up with him since 1995, and also remembers hearing Danielle tell people that no one on set liked her.

Both of these stories came as a surprise to the stars, with Daniels later insisting that it never happened.

Adam opened the discussion by saying that once he knew he was going to talk to them on the podcast, he told his family that he “finally” had “something” from Ryder. Looking forward to asking about what’s bothering him. “For 29 years.”

“I don’t know if you remember this Ryder,” Adam began, Ryder nervously replied that he “probably” wouldn’t as Daniel and Will were on the edge of their seats.

“Literally, it’s been pulling me for 29 years,” Adam continued, before setting the scene as he watched the season 2 finale being filmed with fellow guest stars Blake Soper and Ethan Supley. – who played Griff’s “Leakys” Joey. And Frankie – when it happened.

“I was with Blake and Ethan. Ryder, you were there with a different group of people but we were all crowding around knowing the final scene was going to end,” Adam continued.

“The scene ends, everyone erupts and starts cheering,” he explained. “Blake and Ethan high-five and hug, they come up to me and high-five and just cheer… Then Blake and Ethan walk up to you, Ryder, and give you a high-five and hug you. And after they do I’m like: ‘Hey, congratulations, buddy,’ and give you a high-five and go in and give you a hug.

“And when I do it,” Adam recalled, “you push me and you give me this look: ‘Wait a second, who are you?’ And then you ran away.”

Ryder, Daniel and Will can’t hide their shock at Adam’s revelation and Ryder says: “Are you serious?! Why did I do this?!”

Visibly uncomfortable, she insisted she didn’t remember the moment “at all”, to which Adam said: “I’m so glad you don’t because to some extent it means it’s a pain. Not bad. Experience for you.”

“But I just remember being like: ‘Oh, no, no no! I’m sorry! What just happened? No, no no,'” she added.

The podcast host continued to express his disbelief while Ryder insisted: “Oh my god, no! And it doesn’t really sound like me because I’m usually a hugger!

Adam then theorized that Ryder might have been hurt because he was six years older than her, Ryder being only 15 at the time.

“If he was a small child and I were this stranger grown up…” he reasoned. “I, again, didn’t know what to do. It looked like we were all going to be happy and hug each other but oh God, it was scary.

Daniel agrees that there must be a reason behind Ryder’s reaction, but rejects Adam’s suggestion that he was an “alien”.

“There must be something going on, honestly, because Ryder is so huggable,” she said. “And you weren’t a complete stranger – it was the end of Season 2, we’d obviously worked with you for at least four episodes.”

Then will ask: “Have you been holding it back for 29 years?!” To which Adam admitted: “Yeah, and I remember when I got the call a few months later to come and be in Season 3 because of that, it’s so funny.”

Later in the podcast, Adam admitted that he might be remembering the feud as being more dramatic than it actually was, saying: “It’s kind of overblown and overdramatic over the last 29 years. Could have been, who knows? But I can see it, I remember it so clearly, it’s so crazy.

Daniel also asked Adam to tell another story about his time on the show, which he previously mentioned in a 2011 interview with Vulture.

Immediately realizing what she was referring to, Adam said: “Okay, so then I read some message boards — it was the early days of the internet, obviously, it was like 1995.”

“I remember going there and being so thirsty for any recognition that I was on television,” he continued. “I think I read somewhere, someone said: ‘Well I hear Topanga doesn’t like Griff’ – was that the story?”

“I think what you heard was me saying to someone that no one likes you,” Daniel clarified. “That someone wrote on a message board: ‘Well I know someone that Danielle goes to school with, I know someone who knows Danielle and she says no one likes her.

“That I can guarantee you is not true,” she insisted. “For one thing, it just wasn’t true. No one liked you, that wasn’t the situation. The other reason was that I didn’t speak up. Boy meets world. in school. If someone asked me a question, I would, but going to school all the time wasn’t great.

“And I was in a new school, I would have been in seventh grade at the time,” Danielle continued. “So I’m not going to be at school like: ‘Well, we’ve got this new guy Adam Scott, nobody really likes him…’ I’m not having that conversation at 13- to 14-year-old junior high. I’m doing it.”

Adam then admitted: “I have to say that reading that I was like that… but at the same time it was a little bit of a thrill because I was talking about the show on the Internet that I was.”

Despite the clash, Adam’s podcast appearance went well and saw the four stars get on incredibly well – and the hosts still can’t get over what Adam did after he left the chat. had said

“What a dick,” Will said as he left. “I meant you, Ryder.”

“I can’t believe this story, it’s so strange!” The rider agreed. “It’s not me, but I have no idea… Or was he just having an insecure moment and I glanced at him? I’m probably kidding but that doesn’t really seem like me? I don’t know. what has happened.”

“You’re a hugger,” Will replied. “You’re known as a hugger!”

“Absolutely! And I feel like in that situation I would have been running around hugging everybody because that’s what I did,” Ryder said. “So it must have been a weird misinterpretation of something, like, maybe I heard something? Maybe someone called me and I ran and it was in that weird ‘Oh, well…’ moment? It’s useless.” “

Daniel then recalls the moment he read Adam’s Vulture interview and first realized how he felt about the show. He said: “I read the article, which someone asked him about Boy meets world.and I was so excited to see what he had to say and he was like: ‘Well, I felt really uncomfortable there, I don’t think anyone likes me.’

“And they were like, ‘Why did you feel that way?'” Danielle continued. “And he was like: ‘Well, I read on a message board once that Danielle told somebody that nobody likes…’ and I was like that’s not true! I Wanted to fix it so bad!”

In the interview, which was published almost 12 years ago, Adam said: “I always checked the message boards, which were still kind of mysterious – and I remember someone posted that they Being friends with the girl who played Topanga and Topanga told the person that no one on the show liked me very much.

“And I remember just being crushed,” she continued at the time. “But it also kind of made sense, because I was definitely outside of what was going on there. They were all friends and I was just kind of there and hanging out with Blake and Ethan. I didn’t. I didn’t know if it was real or not, but it felt like it was. The Internet or these message board things were still so young that it felt real. And sure enough, the next episode they wrote me.

Ouch it may take him almost three decades, but at least Adam is now able to get the closure he needs!


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