Andor Expertly Balances Storytelling With Star Wars Fan Service

The poster features the characters of Andor, including Mon Mothma, Luthen and Andor himself.

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As you may know, I’m big’ Star Wars nerd. And one of my favorite things in it Star Wars The media are little references and easter eggs are placed everywhere. But sometimes this fan service goes overboard and distorts the story in a way that distracts or bores non-fans. Andorthe new TV show is set in Star Wars universe, not only avoids this problem, but also finds the perfect ways to use nerdy Star Wars lore without being boring or annoying people who want to see a good show.

Andorwhich premiered in late September on Disney +, is the latest entry in the Star Wars franchise and is set before the original events Star Wars film and film Rogue One. It follows the life of Cassian Andor, played by Diego Luna, as he travels through a galaxy ruled by an evil empire. He is not yet the rebel we know him to be Rogue Onebut in the course of this season and maybe next season, he will turn into the man we met in the popular spin-off.

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The people of my time have been loving Andor. Even people have sworn Star Wars totally back and enjoying every minute of the series. Most of them happily show that the show is not a big reason to do the work of fans every week. But funny enough, Andor it has some cool and interesting pieces of cutting-edge Star Wars lack of anything Star Wars– depending on the years; it’s just so well handled that most people miss it all.

A good example comes in the way Cassian’s world shows. In the first episode of the show, we learn that Cassian was born and raised the land of Canary. It has just been created Andor, which allowed showrunner Tony Gilroy a lot of freedom to do whatever he wanted with it and its characters. But, technically, we already knew about Cassian’s home world, and it wasn’t Kenari. Back when Rogue One came out, Lucasfilm released a variety of tie-ins. One reference tome listed the home world of Andor as Festivalold woman Star Wars The world first appeared in the game The Powers of Darkness. So, at first, I thought the show was just repeating the beginning. I’m not too upset about this, as I always need time Star Wars media focuses on stories rather than fiction.

But then, in Andor part two, we learn that Fest was a lie that Cassian and his stepmother told everyone to hide the truth about where he really came from, Kenari. For many viewers, that scene wasn’t a big deal: Cassian lied because he was trying to hide his origins, he found out. But because Star Wars nerds like me, it was a fun way to review something using Star Wars lore I’m still honoring a reference book from years ago. And it didn’t spoil the show at all, allowing for normal, non-Star Wars sickos to enjoy the show without rolling their eyes at some of the forced fan service.

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Andor full of Star Wars lore and connections like this that are used randomly in ways that make sense to all audiences, but have deep, interesting connections to the franchise’s decades of prequels. And unlike the last one Star Wars show, the funniest (but not the best) Obi-Wan Kenobi, Andor doesn’t engage in fan service that distracts from the real story and characters. Refs are there to find out Andorif you care, but it’s fine if you just want to enjoy a fun ride instead.

For example, Mon Mothma’s daughter, Liedait is not a new quality, but a deeper quality that has never existed before. Star Wars Extended Universe. So his appearance in the show not only brought him into canon, but it was a fun little piece of fan work that didn’t stick with many viewers.

Similarly, the kyber crystal Luthern Rael gives Cassian as a reward for helping with the heist has its own hidden connection to the past. Star Wars lore. Of course, most viewers may be vaguely aware that kyber crystal gives off electricity. And many more may remember that we have seen before Rogue One heroine Jyn Erso wearing the same necklace. But while people were looking at the crystal and going, “Oh that’s something I know about…” Luthen drops one of the coolest things in the show, explaining that the crystal “celebrates the rebellion against the Rakatan raiders.” This may have set off bells in the heads of all the fans who played Knights of the Old Republic.

A comic book illustration shows a Rakatan alien warrior screaming in space.

It is because The Rakatan were created for that game. They were an ancient race of super-powered aliens who could create a hyperdrive and at one point ruled the galaxy as part of their Eternal Empire. Technically, they’ve been mentioned in the canon before, but this is the first major reintroduction of the genre. Reflecting on how they might work in the future Star Wars I really enjoyed the old stories.

Speaking of video game references, in Luthen’s store—which is a chockablock with fun Easter eggs that could fill a whole separate blog—we see what appears to be a suit of Sith Stalker weapons as it was first seen in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. The game and its main character, Starkiller, are no longer canon, and this armor is coming out of the box Andor it doesn’t change that. But it may show that maybe one day the parts of Forced Release will be reintroduced into the present Star Wars universe. I mean, if Jaxxon is the canon these daysanything can happen.

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But all these deep-cut references and bits of fan work probably went unnoticed by 90% of the people watching. Andor, although some of them directly relate to the plot or characters of the show. It’s an amazing thing to bring out, and based on an interview with the show’s creatorTony Gilroy, a lot of this was put together by Lucasfilm nerds and not himself. He just spoke Variety that he works closely with lore experts like Pablo Hidalgo to make sure he’s not doing anything groundbreaking. Star Wars universe. But for him, his real focus is on the story of Andor and its characters, not references to literature or old video games.

“The art department will go into all the negative aspects of the Luthen gallery,” Gilroy told Gilroy Variety. “I didn’t know. Like, ‘Oh my God, there’s something in the background!’ and people are blowing it. That’s the art department. So many cool people work on the show. There is deep geekdom in Pinewood, believe me.

That’s how it should be. If Disney wants to continue creating surprises Star Wars products like this Andor, should bring in more producers and directors like Gilroy. Those people, of course, may not be the greatest Star Wars followers in the world, but they have interesting stories to tell. Let those people create cool stuff while the nerds at Lucasfilm fill the pages with fan service that weirdos like me can enjoy, but never spoil the show for everyone.

I agree, this is a difficult comparison, and I do not expect the whole future Star Wars similar projects Andor. In fact, I would love a world where we get both shows like that Andorit’s for everyone, and it shows like Legends of the Jediwhich is good but clearly the purpose Star Wars stupid like me Star Wars it cannot grow if it only focuses on its biggest fans, and Andor it shows that if you expand the franchise and do something different, you won’t end up being happy in the long run Star Wars nerds like me, but also reach a new audience that may have never cared Star Wars first. Moreover, Andor it’s just really entertaining, so more shows like this sound like a good thing to me.


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