Apple Patents Apple Pencil That Can Sample Colors From Real-World Surfaces

Apple has patented a potential next-generation Apple Pencil that can sample colors from the real world and then put that same color on the iPad, as well as other features including the ability to sample textures.

Apple Pencil Hover Mode
Patent, Report by Obviously Apple, describes the Apple Pencil with a color sensor built into the pencil tip that can sample the surface of real-world objects and detect their color. Images in the patent show that the Apple Pencil may come with a built-in light ambient sensor, light emitter, and light detector that can detect the color and texture of a surface.

As with all patents, it does not indicate when, if ever, any such feature or product will be launched. Apple filed a patent for a similar feature in June 2020, and three years later, no such update has been made to the ‘Apple Pencil’. The second-generation Apple Pencil was announced in 2018, with no clear indication of when a third-generation model might debut.

Apple has added new capabilities to the Apple Pencil with improved iPad hardware and new iPadOS features. For example, the new M2 iPad Pro has a feature called Apple Pencil hover, which allows users to hover the Pencil over the iPad to see where the Apple Pencil will touch the display.

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