‘Artificial Intelligence of the Future’ Award to the General Directorate of Customs Enforcement

The General Directorate of Customs Protection has awarded the Innovation of the Future Award
‘Artificial Intelligence of the Future’ Award to the General Directorate of Customs Enforcement

The Department of Commerce, General Enforcement Division won first prize in the “Artificial Intelligence of the Future” category at the IDC Digital Transformation Awards for its MUHAFIZ project.

According to a statement made by the Ministry, the Digital Transformation Summit, where all the leading public and private business entities and senior officials of Turkey were brought together by the IT research and consulting company International Data Corporation (IDC) Turkey, was held. in Sapanca on 23-24 November. . At the conference, there were discussions on different technologies and sessions on many important topics such as Future Ready Organizations, Future of Work, Digital Transformation, New Management, Cloud Computing, Digital Economy, Internet of Things, Cyber ​​Security, Big Data and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence , Robotic Process Automation.

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At the Digital Transformation Award Ceremony, organized as part of Turkey’s most comprehensive technology event, institutions and managers were awarded prizes in 13 categories for their projects achieved throughout the year. As a result of the evaluation of 108 applications from 478 institutions by IDC analysts and jury members, first, second and third place awards were received in 13 categories.

At the IDC Digital Transformation Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, where projects and programs leading the digital transformation are evaluated, the Ministry of Commerce General Directorate of Customs Enforcement won the first prize in the “Best in Future of Intelligence” category with its work “MUHAFIZ , Artificial Intelligence in Big Data”. we have seen.

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The General Directorate of Customs Enforcement makes extensive use of technological opportunities in the fight against smuggling. Because of the tools and systems for scanning containers used at customs gates, as well as other technical equipment available to employees, as well as modern software and systems used to prevent illegal trade without interfering with legal trade on the face. of increased trade volume, anti-trafficking analysis was carried out in a very short period of time, and risk-based control was achieved. .

“What does the GUARD program do?”

The MUHAFIZ system is designed to use modern artificial intelligence on big data to determine in seconds which vehicles, goods and passengers should be controlled within the scope of anti-trafficking, as well as to reveal relationships and risks. which is very difficult to reveal in the old ways and to analyze in this way. The MUHAFIZ system, which allows the information in large databases to be analyzed with artificial intelligence, makes specific decisions by considering all types of risks related to illegal trade that may be carried out by land, air and sea, transfers the knowledge of the workers to the system in a sustainable and permanent way, and in addition, thanks to mathematical algorithms. It helps expose organized crime efforts by making connections that are too complex to make with the human mind.

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