Bayern Munich Drop 4 Points To Start Post World Cup Campaign

The Bundesliga is back from its post-World Cup winter break, but Bayern Munich don’t seem to have gotten the message that the season is starting again. The Rekordmeister dropped two points against RB Leipzig on Friday (1-1) and then needed a world-class finish from Joshua Kimmich to salvage a 1-1 draw against Köln on Tuesday.

While the result of the Spitzen spell against Leipzig will have left some in Siebener Strasse worried, the story after Tuesday’s match against Cologne was a little different. The first half, in particular, was poor as Bayern had no solution after Elise Skerry made it 1-0 to the visiting Billy Goats.

Bayern lacked creativity, lacked depth in their deep runs and looked incredibly vulnerable whenever Cullen won the ball quickly in transition. Köln, indeed, can feel disappointed that they didn’t score a second on any of their quick transitions, effectively killing off the game.

“We definitely have to talk about the first half, especially in terms of approach and attitude,” Bayern midfielder Joshua Kimmich told media after the game. “We conceded again after one set.” This happened often in the first half of the season. This has to be stopped as soon as possible. The second half was better.”

Bayern Munich’s new keeper Jan Sommer echoed Kimmich’s sentiments. “We didn’t play well the first half and made a lot of mistakes,” Sommer said. “We brought a lot more power on the pitch in the second half. The goal was great. Unfortunately, it was a bit late. We could have won the game earlier.

Bayern were really better in the second half. But part of the reality is that sometimes there were flashbacks of Germany games in Qatar. The Rekordmeister would finish the game with 78% possession and dominate with 855 to 243 passes played.

“We were better in the second half after the subs,” Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann said. Colin sat deep and made it difficult for us. If we had scored first, it would have been difficult for them. The second half was what we imagined. I’m sure if we keep it up we’ll get back to winning ways.

Bayern certainly improved after the arrival of Kingsley Coman’s Serge Gunbury — he faced criticism for an unauthorized trip to Paris after the game — and Ryan Gravenbruch replaced Leon Goretzka. Two substitutes brought more pace and depth to Bayern’s game. But Cullen still managed to shoot the final third, making it difficult for the likes of Jamal Musyala to find space inside the box.

Musyala was brought off in the 68th minute and replaced by Thomas Müller. Mozilla before the World Cup lacked freshness and creativity. Without Musiala, Bayern have few solutions to get past the deep defensive lines.

Instead, Bayern needed a world-class finish from Kimmich in the 90th minute to equalise. Kimmich’s shot from outside the box was certainly special but it also highlighted the record-holder’s desperation to find solutions inside the box.

Perhaps bringing Musala back will solve many of Bayern’s post-World Cup problems. The rest of the league, however, will hope the Rekordmeister needs a few more games to shake off the World Cup rust.

Frankfurt can close the gap at the top of the table with just a three-point win over Freiburg on Wednesday. It will set up a tasty top of the table clash on Saturday, when Bayern host Frankfurt in what will be a real top-of-the-table clash.

Manuel Veith is the host. Bundesliga Jegen Pressing Podcast and Area Manager at USA Transfer Market. He has also appeared in the Guardian, Newsweek, Howler, Pro Soccer USA, and many other outlets. Follow him on Twitter: @ManuelVeth


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