Best Holiday Gifts, Tech and Gear for Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the first installment Mario loves it, a series where two-time Emmy Award-winning talk show host and lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong curates the best products for entrepreneurial living. Here are her picks for the best gifts:

Why Mario loves it: “I haven’t heard any earphones like this in a long time, and I’ve tested many of them. Here’s how it works. The earphones send out a chime to learn the unique shape of your ear canal. The chime bounces and is picked up by built-in microphones so it can optimize noise cancellation and sound performance that fits your ears. They have a fit kit with a stabilizer and different ear tips. Plus, the app is on fire. These basses sound incredible. I love how. I can silence all background noise with one touch and the battery life is up to six hours.”

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Why Mario loves it: “It allows you to go hands-free and do just about anything you like to do with your iPad. You can shoot videos with it, position it to draw, use it as a second screen – I love it. It will keep your iPad at eye level, which is perfect for FaceTime video calls or in the kitchen for those recipes. It also has a flexible arm and a weighted desktop base with a shelf clamp as well. And it has rubber contacts, so it won’t mess up your surface. It’s available in black or matte white, and it’s dope.”

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Why Mario loves it: “Coffee lovers, check this out. This is SPIN. It grinds whole beans to a precise consistency. The app allows you to prepare coffee with your phone or you can use Alexa voice. It gives you access to the markets of artisan beans from all over the world and I also like the roast recognition feature. You can use your phone camera. Scan a bag of beans and send the exact brewing specifications to the coffee machine, calibrating it exactly as the roaster intended. There’s even a quiz on this app so you can find the right roast for you, and there are a ton of pre-programmed recipes. Even some great specialists on here. Oh and zero waste too. Spin uses whole beans instead of plastic pods or filters.”

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Why Mario loves it: “This is the first Kindle for reading and writing. It has a non-reflective display and includes a basic pen. You can take notes, journal, to-do notes, anything. When you write on this, it reads . It feels like you’re writing on paper. It’s awesome. But what I really like about this is that you can actually write inside your favorite book. I like writing inside books, and when you take these notes, you can actually be exported. they.”


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