BluWave-ai Debuts EV Fleet Orchestrator SaaS Product for Fleet Operations

Version 2.0 of the BluWave-ai EV Fleet Orchestrator was launched with $1.7 million in funding from FedDev Ontario. Available now, this software-as-a-service (SaaS) product supports automotive operators as they electrify their operations. These operators include municipal transport, last-mile delivery, airport ground support, corporate fleets and electric vehicle (EV) fleet operations, such as taxis.

Built on BluWave-ai’s AI-powered platform and using its IP technology portfolio, EV Fleet Orchestrator reduces the total operating costs and carbon footprint of fleet operations with hybrid electric battery vehicles and fossil fuel-depleting buildings, depots , or regional networks of depots/hubs. The product manages the live performance of EV transportation systems, including active vehicles and managing the electricity consumption of buildings/depots, including real-time market price management and peak shaving targets.

The product also provides fleet performance simulation to help plan and measure capital assets such as number/types of chargers, numbers of EVs and depot energy storage, and local renewable generation.

BluWave-ai’s EV Fleet Orchestrator optimizes energy costs in real-time by integrating multiple energy parameters and fleet performance, providing a complete overview and integrated energy deployment/charging management, planning and static energy assets. This configuration involves managing the maximum number of depots to reduce grid demand and capital infrastructure requirements. It includes data from weather feeds, building electrical systems, electricity market prices, chargers, traffic, car calls and information, including vehicle condition, location, speed and range to zero. These data sets are obtained live and from historical operations including the BluWave-ai Atlas to be ready for AI in EV Fleet Orchestration.

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“Over the past five years, BluWave-ai has been building here in Ottawa one of the world’s leading companies at the intersection of renewable energy, transportation electrification, decarbonization, data and artificial intelligence,” said Devashish Paul, CEO and founder of BluWave-ai . “Using the talent of Canadian AI researchers, we are building our own successful software product to successfully implement a protected electric grid, to solve the most difficult and pressing challenges related to climate change for our global customer base.”

“We’re seeing all the CAPEX in EV vehicles, but fleet operators are leaving electric vehicles behind,” continues Paul. “They’re sending diesel miles on the road because they don’t fully understand when and if they should be charged for driving, with this $1.7 million from Fed Dev Ontario, we’ll be able to improve our EV Fleet Orchestrator AI product’s fleet capabilities. operating in the Canadian, US, European and Indian markets.”

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To date, BluWave-ai has completed the analysis and simulation of the operation of the Dubai Taxi fleet, which showed an initial reduction of 13% in emissions and energy costs as an example of the benefits of revenue fleet operators. In addition to building a SaaS product, BluWave-ai has tested the technology in a live charger lab controlled by OCPP, the Flight Test Center, which is integrated with multiple chargers where features are tested and stabilized prior to live fleet operation.

FedDev Ontario is providing a $1.7 million interest-free installment loan as part of a larger $6 million project. This support provides a variety of tests, bringing the high-end BluWave-ai EV Fleet Orchestrator ready for reproducibility to global markets. This will also create 50 job opportunities through private equity and corporate investors as part of BluWave-ai’s current Series A round.

“Businesses are the heart of our communities across the country. That’s why FedDev Ontario is investing in technology companies like BluWave-ai that are building the tools our businesses need to adapt to a new digital and energy-efficient future,” said the Honorable Filomena Tassi, minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency. of Southern Ontario. “Companies that help them to innovate so that they can increase the level of competition and create high quality jobs will continue to be a priority for our government. Investments like this ensure that tech hubs like Ottawa continue to attract new investors and participate in a growing economy. “

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“The Ottawa Tech industry has been at the forefront of transforming a variety of industries from telecom, to communications, to AI and Cloud-based software solutions,” added Michael Tremblay, president and CEO of Invest Ottawa. “With BluWave-ai, we are excited to lead the global energy revolution by bringing together all of the skills that Ottawa is known for and using them to impact Climate Impact through renewable energy and electric vehicles. While the world is gearing up for COP27, BluWave-ai is already putting together many product building blocks to drive a global energy revolution that benefits the valuable local engineering talent based in our city.”


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