Cricketer Turns Investor Shikhar Dhawan Set To Back Sportstech Startups

When Dhawan becomes an investor, there are many similarities between his two roles. He said, “I believe in energy. My efforts would always be to share a lot of positive energy with others while maintaining my individuality. Collaboration and partnering with the right set of people to make the right moves is critical.”

On the first day of the Annual Abu Dhabi Finance Week, Indian Cricketer and Entrepreneur, Shikhar Dhawan announced that he will launch a global investment fund worth USD 75 million.

“I am very excited to start a new entry and embark on this journey in the world of venture capital. All this would not have been possible without the support of my business partners and the commitment of the founding team to this fund and its targeted deployment in Q1 2023-24,” said Shikhar Dhawan.

Sportsech Fund: Know what and why?

The proposal is a multi-stage fund focused on innovation across the spectrum of sports. This is the first venture capital fund organized by an Asian sportsperson. Shikhar Dhawan is known as an Indian cricketer, a left-handed opening batsman and occasional captain of the Indian national cricket team. Dhawan captains the Punjab Kings of the Indian Premier League and Delhi in first-class cricket.

Dhawan while sharing the details about the fund said, “With our Sportstech fund under DaOne Global Ventures (DOGV), we will focus on both early stage and growth stage startups. For lower risk and high returns, with angel investors, we will invest more in the early stages.”

Fund deployment will be global, as will the limited partner (LP) community. The fund will also have other prominent sports personalities from around the world representing various sports as ambassadors. Through this unique network, Da One Global Ventures (DOGV) will provide access to a worldwide ecosystem that will accelerate and mobilize new proposals in the sportstech sector.

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Three Things An Entrepreneur Needs To Keep In Mind

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeps repeating that India is the economy of job creators. As an influential figure, Dhawan is excited and looking to fund and encourage young startups that seek to make an impact and create value.

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For Shikhar Dhawan, these are the top three aspects for an ideal entrepreneur to build a brand. He said that a passionate founder, a good team and the zeal to work towards a collective mission of growth and development is the most important thing.

“I was never afraid of failure. Fail, stand up and learn from but keep doing. There is a line of motivation that I never forget. My mother used to tell me, “Koi Baat Nahi” (Translated – No problem), ” he shares while sharing his advice to young entrepreneurs on how to make a comeback when failing.

Dhawan On DaOne Plan

As a sportsman, he feels that it is a short-span career and hence it was very important to enter and set up a parallel professional stream. “I am grateful for a very amazing team of smart people and intellectuals who came together to discuss the idea of ​​this fund. To make it happen, my team invested a whole year for research and in-depth development,” Dhawan stressed.

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When Dhawan becomes an investor, there are many similarities between his two roles. He said, “I believe in energy. My efforts would always give a lot of positive energy to others while maintaining my individuality. Collaboration and partnerships with the right set of people to make the movement happen is critical.”

Da One Global Ventures (DOGV) will go beyond traditional investment models and provide domain knowledge and unparalleled access to the global sports ecosystem. Dhawan said, “We are making a humble beginning, but we aim to raise this level and we want to set new benchmarks for leaders in Venture Capital, Sports and Technology.

Da One Global Ventures (DOGV) is in active discussions with various key stakeholders around the world and further developments will be announced in due course. Da One Global Ventures (DOGV) will also incubate a SportsTech Accelerator & eSports Venture studio as a distinguished vertical in its platform.


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