Ed Claims Liz ‘Pressured’ Him to Marry and Insists He ‘Can’t Give an Answer’ on Wedding

90 Day Bares All Liz and Big Ed

90 Day Bares All Liz and Big Ed

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Ed “Big Ed” Brown and Elizabeth “Liz” Woods won’t be walking down the aisle anytime soon.

A married couple who had a conflict asked if marriage is part of their future while talking about their life plans on Sunday night. 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After?

“I think marriage has become too much for me,” Liz began. “I want to finally start to see if it’s going to be in our future.”

Although Liz was looking to settle down, Ed admitted that he wasn’t ready to marry “anyone” – not even his lover. “Right now, I can’t give you an answer about marriage,” he replied.

He said later in an interview that marrying Liz on the terms of their relationship would be a “divorce contract.”

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90th Day Bride - Ed and Liz

90th Day Bride – Ed and Liz


After Ed reiterated that he “wasn’t ready,” Liz added, “I know, as I’m thinking about the future right now, wanting to be protected —” but Ed cut her off: “I’m not going to be forced into. marriage.”

Liz said she just wanted to “think or talk” about the prospect of marriage after they were married. However, Ed shut down the conversation, repeating that he was “not ready.”

“I’m not telling you that I don’t want to marry you,” Ed said as the tension between the two began to increase. “Baby I’m not saying that I’m just not ready.”

After repeating that she wasn’t “ready” at times, Liz left the room.

“Ed proposed to me and I love life with Ed,” Liz told the cameras. “Perhaps now is the end of me.”

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He added, “I think Ed and I are too different to do this job for the long haul.”

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Earlier in the season, Ed and Liz briefly ended their relationship after a party broke out. The battle saw Ed claim that Liz was secretly gay – and he insisted he was withholding information about him in their relationship. They reconciled after Ed apologized for his accusation. After the second round of engagement, Ed and Liz agreed to focus on the foundation of their relationship rather than planning a wedding.

Ed, 56 (San Diego, Calif.) and Liz, 29 (San Diego, Calif.)

Ed, 56 (San Diego, Calif.) and Liz, 29 (San Diego, Calif.)


Sunday’s episode also saw Liz make a big life decision without Ed. He agreed to a partnership in the restaurant he manages – something Ed was torn about because of the long working hours. He once told her that he prefers “a woman” to someone who works full time.

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However, he was incredibly supportive of Liz’s decision to take on a bigger role. “My feelings are mixed,” he admitted. “She made her own choice, and I think that’s what you should talk to your partner about before you decide anything.”

To Liz’s face, he showed confidence in his decision: “I would never try to stop you and I will support you, but as long as you support this relationship – and me. I mean, am I a little worried? But so what. I would say go ahead.”

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