Forget ChatGPT! Character.AI Will Let You Talk to Famous Personalities


The user can interact with the digital avatars of well-known and long-lived people using an AI-powered bot.

We are all now aware of the latest technological advances that enable us to interact with artificial intelligence systems in a way that seems natural to us. Although science fiction is almost universal, such advances have yet to find a single, world-changing application. People who are interested in its power are currently trying to use it for various purposes, some of which are obviously useful and some of which are not. Even though it may seem far-fetched, what if communication with historical people, even those who have passed the millennium, was the “killer app” for such AI conversations?

Basically, ChatGPT is a dialect of OpenAI’s most popular next-generation programming language created for conducting conversations with people. According to OpenAI’s view of the language model, some of its features include answering follow-up questions, arguing against false premises, rejecting inappropriate questions, and even being error-prone. A large amount of text data was used to train ChatGPT. According to Bern Elliott, a vice president at Gartner, the system learned to recognize patterns that allowed it to write its own content to mimic different writing styles. While OpenAI won’t specify what specific data was used to train ChatGPT, the business says that in general, Wikipedia, archives, and the web have been clear.

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This is what the new website Character promises. “Users can talk about acceptable facsimiles of everyone from Queen Elizabeth to William Shakespeare to Billie Eilish or Elon Musk,” writes New York Times Cade Metz (there are several versions). Anyone you wish to call or call is available to speak with. The program now contains “an infinite set of bots that can simulate an infinite set of people, against an infinite number of topics” because it has learned “from common conversation topics and articles, news stories, books and other digital documents.”

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You can start chatting with Shakespeare immediately after signing up with Character.AI, which is a short and easy process. When challenged, old Will answered directly and was asked, “Do you think the question should be there or not?” “The battle between life and death” is symbolized by its image of “a prince in a dilemma between suicide and revenge.” He made Hamlet talk to his father’s ghost to “show that he was imprisoned in a land where death was everywhere,” the author says. He intended to “show that life is full of sorrow” by asking the hypothetical question “to be or not to be.”

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These and other top chatbots are currently a source of entertainment. They are also rapidly evolving into a powerful means of communication with machines. Although experts disagree on whether the benefits of this technology will outweigh its drawbacks and potential risks, they do agree on one thing: the feasibility of pretend conversations will continue to improve. However, other businesses, such as Character.AI, are hoping that people will grow to accept the chatbot’s shortcomings and a healthy distrust of what they say. Mr. Thiel discovered that the Character.AI bots were skilled communicators and could convey convincingly to real people. He added: “If you read what someone like Kautsky wrote in the 19th century, he doesn’t use the words we use today. But somehow, the AI ​​can translate his thoughts into modern standard English.


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