Founders to vie for Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards

After hotly contested events across four cities, a community of highly successful founders from across the country will converge on the Gold Coast tomorrow to celebrate Australia’s leading media-led initiative that finds, recognizes and promotes outstanding examples of entrepreneurship among 40 the

Now in their fifth year at a national level and their 15th since the first installment in Queensland, the Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards were established by Business News Australia founder and managing director Camilla Jansen, who attracts a cultural group filled with ambitious vision, courage and exceptional business acumen.

The winner of the top prize will have some big shoes to fill after the founders of ed-tech unicorns Go1’s Vu Tran, Andrew Barnes, Chris Eigeland and Chris Hood were. crowned Young Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2021He was nominated for a decade before reaching this peak.

The caliber and achievements of some of the participating entrepreneurs may evoke a sense of imposter syndrome for some, including yours truly, but for most the awards are a meeting of minds and a chance to unwind, and serve to inspire all those present. regardless of their background.

What is surprising is how often the award winners, themselves, are surprised at the recognition.

It is a joy to be here Business News Australia to compile the programs for these awards and take snippets of the entrepreneurs’ stories all at the same time, because our team has interviewed them and followed their stories for several months, and often years for part of the Young Entrepreneur Awards community.

Then seeing everyone in the same room – the support of each other, the jubilation, the connections they build, and the insights and journeys they share on stage – is a wonderful way to end the year as we lead into the season the party, after living and breathing the history of entrepreneurship in the cornucopia of forms since nominations first opened on July 1.

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The awards will take place at the JW Marriott in Surfers Paradise, with 20 award categories up for grabs including the overall prize and the coveted Trailblazer award.

Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards 2022 are sponsored by Go1, Crowdsourcing, Gold Coast City, ORand iVvy.

The award categories up for debate are:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Digital Disruptor
  • Fashion & Design
  • Finance
  • Shape
  • Food & Beverage
  • Health and Medicine
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution
  • Marketing
  • PR, Media & Events
  • Professional Services
  • Property and Construction
  • Retail & Services
  • Specialist services
  • Startup
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility
  • Technology
  • Trailblazer

The Australian Young Entrepreneur Awards 2022 finalists are as follows (categorized alphabetically by location and company name)


  • Vikram Palit – Consultmed
  • Nilan Mihindukulasooriya & Nisal Karunathilaka – Fire Technology, Brick and Mortar
  • Craig Lock, Alexandra Karatassa & Ross Osmon – Five Four Entertainment, Plus One Co, Lion Arts Factory, Super California, Hindley Street Music Hall, Spin Off Festival
  • Tim Wilson & Earl Kellie – La Haute
  • Tyson Hoffmann & Jess Davis – Mr. Potato
  • Hinney Lo – PixelForce
  • Geoffrey Steele – Steele Building Group
  • Misagh Zarei – Zarei Constructed


  • Nof Hamze & Alex Hamze – Alamour the Label
  • Maddison Lawrence – Bushwrapz, Slick Azz Protection Films
  • Carl Hartmann – Comp
  • Shannah Bradshaw – Disrupt Digital, SponsoredLinx, GetMore Traffic, Marketing Expert Research, Disrupt Bands, Deep Future
  • Alex Ewart & Conor Hagan – Explore
  • Peter Hull – Fitstop
  • Chris Baptista – Home by CMA
  • Daniel Wessels – Jacaranda Finance
  • Joe Zhou – Joe Zhou Pty Ltd, Kedron 7 Day Chemist, Aceso Group, Picture Lock Studio
  • Nic Blair & Matt Anderson – Midnight Health
  • Thomas Fu & Tom Mcpherson – Motor Culture Australia
  • James Mutton – Motorcycle Trading
  • Lucas Patchett & Nicholas Marchesi – Orange Sky
  • Peter Dodeja – SAI Security Group, SAI Investment Group
  • Alex Harper & Angus Goldman – Swyftx
  • Nicholas Mitrossillis – The Yiros Shop
  • Sam James & Laurie Malone – VALD
  • Joshua Spurway & Myrrah Balasabas – Vision Made Co
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Byron Bay

  • Alexz Parviainen – HUSTL.
  • Elliot Hayes & Beau Savage – Smart Energy



  • Cam Noble, Keenan Te & Matt Noble – ACTS Music Group

Gold Coast

  • Flynn McFarlane – Arkhi
  • Byron Van Gisborne – Building Careers
  • Dr. Anuj Gupta & Mannu Kala – Covax Australia
  • Emilly Hankin – Emilly Hadrill hair
  • Kelly Weideman – EVOLT
  • James Carney, Alec Carney & Paul Carney – Gemelli Group
  • James Gilmour – Gilmour Space
  • Michael Huxley – Huxley Group, MCH Capital
  • James Greig – iVvy, Bloomtools, Wildflower Gin
  • Luke Carruthers & Kacie-lee Carruthers – Lackon
  • Joshua Murchie, Mathew Sayed & Craig Gillam – Little Phil
  • Jared Ooi – Electric Maco
  • Mike Kellett – Macro Mike, Macro King, Macro Gym
  • James Marshall – MWM Advisory
  • Siobhan Macdonald – Premium Auto Service
  • Tammy Hembrow – Tammy Fit
  • Jacob Ritchie – Two Birds Social, Poly Studios, North Productions


  • Tamara Alaveras – 3 Phase Marketing
  • Marcus Kellett & Alex Bottomley – The Ampersand Project
  • Cale Donovan & Sam McConkey – Bare
  • Bianca Roccisano & Bridgett Roccisano – Bianca and Bridgett, Booby Tape
  • Ishu Singh & Anna Dewan – Burger Road
  • Dr. May Chan & Dr. Reuben Sim – Dental Boutique
  • Alex Tyson – Found-space
  • Daniel Kitay – FUNDAY Natural Sweets
  • Adam Sarfati & Ace Reunis – HeapsGood Packaging
  • Paul Jones – Jones Real Estate
  • Harry Karefilakis – Kare Group, Ethos Electrical Services, All Designs Steel
  • Fergus Creese – My Careers, Go Girls Foundation
  • Daniel Pearson – PingCo
  • Ellie Vaisman & Giovanni Pino – Brows
  • Michael Ramsey – Strong Pilates
  • Nicholas Greco, Filippo Palermo, Michael Christidis & Christian Serrao – Untitled Group
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  • Ross Anderson – Aviator
  • Abid Khan – Thermalog


  • Chris Morrisey – Ever Agile, Tech Lane
  • Julian Pace – Happiness Co
  • Blake Kelleway & Luke Whelan – Perth is OK!
  • Cian Brennan – Ratio Contract Solutions, Ratio Legal Solutions
  • Matt Lim, Grace Tate & Cale Walsh – Snackr
  • Heuson Bak – Naturally sunny
  • Brandon Willington – Where Are You?



  • Xavier Orr & Chris Shaw – Advanced Navigation
  • Chris Parker – Awake
  • Sam Wood – Azura Fashion Group
  • Paul Maric & Alborz Fallah –
  • Ben Lipschitz – FoodByUs
  • Bishara Hatoum – Fundo Loans
  • George Papura – Georgiemane
  • Anaita Sarkar & Vikram Davé – Packaging Heroes
  • Matthew Holloway – The Holloway Group
  • Brad Manuel – Livewire Group International
  • Carl Hartmann – The Lyre
  • Alexis Soulopoulos – Mad Paws
  • Abdul Razak & Samira Razak – Maple Community Service
  • Sean Crook & Christopher Makhoul – Neolink
  • Rob Hango-Zada & William On – Shippit
  • Sam Jamsheedi – Trademark Group, Trademark Global


  • Christian Pacheco – Virtual IT Group, Pia

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