Indigo Album Review: BTS’ RM lays out his intimate thoughts and emotions in the 10 melodious tracks

RM is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter and record producer. He is the leader of a South Korean boy band BTS. RM released his first solo mixtape, RM, in 2015. In 2018, he released his second mixtape, Mono, which peaked at number 26 on the US Billboard 200 and became the highest-charting album by a Korean soloist in the history of the chart. He has also worked with artists such as Wale, Younha, Warren G, Gaeko, Krizz Kaliko, MFBTY, Fall Out Boy, Primary, Lil Nas X, Erykah Badu, and Anderson .Paak.

About RM and the new album:

Being a gifted singer, producer, rapper and songwriter, RM has produced some gems over the years, which is true even today as he released his first solo album and title track MV Wild Flower (feat. Choi Youjeen) on December 2. Here is a review of all the songs on the album:-

Yun (feat. Erykah Badu)

The first track of the album, Yun is a beautiful collaboration between RM and Erykah Badu, an American singer-songwriter, record producer and actress. Influenced by R&B, soul, and hip hop, she rose to prominence in the late 1990s when her debut album Baduizm (1997), placed her at the forefront of the neo soul movement, earning her the title “Queen of Neo Soul” by. music critics. This song talks about RM who wants to go back to his childhood, to appreciate the green personality he had that gradually changed as he grew in appearance. The song is heartfelt, beautiful and tender.

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Still Life (feat. Anderson .Paak)

Anderson .Paak is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and drummer. He released his first mixtape, OBE Vol. 1, in 2012 and went on to release Venice in 2014. The song has an upbeat and R&B style. This song is about enjoying the slow pace of life as it moves quickly and they grow up all the time. They also talk about being seen as a real person and not just a ‘trendsetter’ or their success. Everything is true.

All Day (Feat. Tablo)

This song has a lot of meaning for RM as well as his fans as he got his inspiration to start his career from Epik High, the group that Tablo is a part of. Tablo is a Korean-Canadian hip hop recording artist, songwriter, musician and record producer. Tablo is best known as the leader and producer of the veteran Korean hip-hop group Epik High, and the founder of the independent music label HIGHGRND (High Ground), which housed the bands Hyukoh and The Black Skirts. This song feels like an insight into his thoughts on being an artist and how it’s the same everywhere he looks and he’s no longer alone and it’s about controlling and following an algorithm rather than looking for entertainment.

Forg_tful (feat. Kim Sawol)

This song is a poignant reminder to enjoy the simple moments of our lives and not the big, flashy activities that just gather dust at the end of our lives. RM asks questions and sad lines as he forgets about all the simple but beautiful things in his life as he gets lost in the glittering world of fame and recognition. Kim Sawol adds to his experiences as he reminisces about his childhood.

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Close (feat. Paul Blanco, Mahalia)

The song, by Paul Blanco and Mahalia, seems to be a cry for the real ones as they try to hold on to them in the world of beauty. RM calls out to his true self and his sharp mind that does not allow him to sleep in peace. Paul Blanco’s true self has another person, his lover and calls him to be close to him so that he does not forget himself.

Change pt.2

This is one of two songs where it’s just RM. In this episode, RM talks about a toxic person no longer in his life and while he’s glad they’re gone, the feeling of change is a hard pill to swallow. He affirms that with all the changes he has had in different areas of life- friends, professional life etc. It’s a way to show that he’s not the same person he used to be.


This song gives us a glimpse of RM’s thoughts on feeling lonely in a room full of people. Being one of the most famous singers in the world, RM feels like an island, surrounded by deep and fierce waters. He talks about how he does things on his own but he longs for love and care from a loved one, he misses his home and someone who reminds him of home.

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Hectic (feat. Colde)

The main interaction between RM and Colde is their talk about how they are tired of the same life they have lived in the last decade or so and they wish to have someone by their side, someone in their corner. They want to escape the fast life and be at peace.

Wild Flower (feat. Choi Youjeen)- Title track

RM talked about his 20s and how he grew as an artist and a person and how he went against his ideals. Now that he is nearing the end of his 20s, he remembers all the best and worst things that made him the person he is today. Choi Youjeen’s intoxicating voice adds to the song.

Number 2 (Feat. Park Ji Yoon)

It is a love letter and they talk and encourage them with happy words. The heartfelt song gives listeners a new perspective on life and feels like being hugged by someone they love. It’s the perfect way to wrap up an album- with a feeling that leaves you with a smile on your face.

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