iPhones seized for not selling chargers with the phone, how it matters

iPhones caught: It seems that Apple is currently facing serious consequences for not including a charger with the iPhone in the retail box. The Brazilian government believes that the company was selling its smartphone without any important attachments, so hundreds of iPhones were seized from various retail locations in Brazil.

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What happened?

Given that Apple was previously hit with two fines for the same reason, the government’s latest action is hardly surprising. According to the report, the nation’s latest program, known as Operation Discharge, involves confiscating iPhones from multiple stores.

Both the carrier’s retail locations and the company’s authorized reseller locations have seen the seizure of the devices. In order for Apple to comply with the recent country’s order not to sell iPhones without a charger, this has been done. A few months after the release of the iPhone 12 series, Apple stopped including chargers with devices, and the country immediately protested against the company’s move.

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Apple (of Brazil) asked the government to allow it to sell iPhones shortly after the devices were seized by the nation. The iPhone manufacturer apparently had the right to sell mobile phones until a final decision was made.

Previous fines

Apple was fined BRL 100 million (roughly Rs 150 crore) in October for failing to provide a charger in the box. At the time, the company announced it would file an appeal. Apple has been found to be engaging in “abusive practices” by selling its high-end gadgets without a charger, according to a complaint brought by a group of consumers and taxpayers in a Sao Paulo state court.

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In September, Apple was again fined more than $2.5 million for the same problem. As long as the company did not intend to include a charger in the box, it would not be able to sell its iPhones in Brazil. Later, until a new decision is taken, it was given the authority to sell the units.

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According to Brazilian authorities, Apple is saving money in the name of protecting the environment while people have to pay more to buy a charger. The tribe said that this is an essential accessory that is needed to recharge the phone’s battery and that the product cannot function without it. Therefore, according to the court’s decision, Apple will also have to provide a charger in the package.

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