Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson Pose With All 39 Members of Their Family

There is no such thing as too much Hanson! Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson they met their entire family of 39 people over the holiday break.

“All 39 of us did ‘in the river and in the woods,'” the “I Was Born” mother of three said. Diana Hanson, shared via Instagram on Wednesday, January 3. “The party!!! Happy New Year🎉🥳🎉🥳❤️❤️.”

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The group, who rose to fame in 1997 with their Grammy-nominated hit “MMMBop,” stood on the steps next to their nuclear families as their other siblings and nieces and nephews gathered.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac – themselves the eldest of seven – share 15 children between them. Isaac, 41, is a proud father of three with a wife Nicole Hanson: sons Everett, 15, and Monroe, 14, and daughter Odette, 8. Taylor, 39, and his wife, Natalie Hansonare mother and father to seven: sons Ezra, 21, River, 16, Viggo, 14, Indiana, 4, and daughters Penny, 17, Wilhelmina, 10, and Maybellene, 2. Zac, 37, and wife Kate Hanson they share sons Shepherd, 14, Abraham, 9, and Quincy, 22 months, and daughters Junia, 12, and Lucille, 6.

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Hanson’s extended family, however, consists of their parents, Diana and Walker Hansonand their siblings – Jessica Hanson, Mackenzie Hanson, Avery Hanson and Zoe Hanson – and their spouses and children.

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Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson Pose With All 39 Members Of Their Family: Picture the complete family

The Hanson family. Courtesy Diana Hanson/Instagram

Hanson lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the “Penny & Me” artists grew up and now runs their own record label, 3CG Records. (In addition to his time in the band, Taylor also founded and runs the Tulsa food program Food on the Move.)

The group has always had a close relationship with their family, who grew up with them on the road in the late ’90s and accompanied them on tour for decades. In 2017, the band featured their families in their “I Was Born Music” video. Two years later, Mackenzie’s band, Joshua and The Holy Rollers, opened for Hanson on their Wintry Mix tour.

Isaac’s daughter, Odette, stars in the music video for Hanson’s 2022 single “Write You a Song,” from the trio’s 11th studio album, Red Green Blue.

“This song is about holding on to the most important things in life, the simple everyday moments that are precious and honest and pass by so quickly,” the guitarist said in a statement about the track at the time. “Whether it’s between a parent and a child or a relationship, it’s important to capture those moments in pictures, videos, and yes in songs, to remember them and make them last.

In May 2021, Hanson spoke only Us Weekly that their children are following in the footsteps of their parents — be they musicians willingly or unwillingly.

“We keep trying to discourage them from starting a band by warning them of the potential problems, but there are a few guitar players and two keyboard players, so we’ll see!” Isaac shared at the time. “Beyond that, I think you want to encourage your children to be the best and pursue their talents and do something they enjoy in their lives. If that passion is music, then we want them to go with it. If it’s surgery, that’s fine too!”


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