John Daly’s belly flop, Tiger’s wholesome moments, pros’ Spotify secrets

Tiger Woods in the match

Mike McGee

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of The Rogers Report! We bring you this week from the Sunshine State, where I explore every corner of the Tour pro hotspot Jupiter, Fla. , (read: sitting at the desk in my room at the Courtyard Marriott) before heading to Orlando for the PNC Championship. Now is the time to take a break from starting your Christmas shopping and focus on this one of a kind WednesdaySimilarities to Joaquin Niemann to let you know what happened this week.

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Official Morikawa family wedding photos

I really like Kat Zhu and Collin Morikawa’s wedding content coming up. Just when I think we’ve seen it all, they surprise us with another post. Their wedding planner shared the following videos from their big day.

I couldn’t help but notice that People He bought the rights to these photos, so let me make this very clear: If you’re a professional golfer with a wedding coming up, please consider handing over the photo rights to Rogers Report instead. I won’t pay you, but I will try to make some kind of witty comment. I will owe you one! Just something to look at.

Spotify Wrapped Professionals get involved

The holidays are officially upon us and that means one thing: Spotify Wrapped is officially here, giving us all the chance to brag about our musical choices or, hypothetically, reflect on why we feel the need to listen to Taylor Swift’s. against the hero 247 times in the past six weeks. But let’s focus on the professionals at QBE Shootout who were weak enough to share who they listened to the most in 2022.

To recap:

Max Homma – Just Mike

Jason Day – Trevor Daniel or Andy Mineo

Muff McNeely – Billy Zimmerman

Sahith Theegala – Chu

Kevin Kisner – Morgan Wallen

Cameron Young – “White Noise for Babies”

Scott Stallings – Dave Matthews Band

Denny McCarthy – Morgan Wallen

Nelly Korda – The Weeknd

Cameron Young’s “White Noise for Babies” is the most played thing a dad has ever played. Obviously, Nelly Korda was The Weeknd because she’s about as cool as they come. Korda said she listened to 33,000 hours this year, which equates to 1,375 days, so we can assume she meant the minutes or was blasting them from multiple devices 24/7. Either way, that’s a lot of time.

took a mistake

I interviewed Colin Montgomery in October and he was one of the kindest professionals I’ve met. So the cognitive dissonance I began to feel after reading the quote below was excruciating to say the least.

I’m mostly joking, but this got me thinking. The Open Championship was the perfect way to say goodbye to Tiger. But on the other hand, the tiger effect is so real that a man could decide to play his last competitive round on a local par 3 course, and it would still be one of the most exciting moments in golf history.

Let’s not force this guy out of golf under any circumstances.

healthy tiger content

Forget retirement. The following videos of him from last week gave me life.

A four-legged dream?

“It won’t be a foursome. It will be my dad, me and Charlie.”

I wasn’t expecting to cry when watching a video that started out on the topic of peanut butter and banana sandwiches, but here we go!

I also enjoyed Tiger feeling so excited to see Annika Sorenstam on The Match. His reaction reminds me of the pure joy when I once surprised my parents by coming home a day early from college—except they were 50 percent less excited to see me and within about 30 seconds signaled that someone should empty the dishwasher.

Then the main hero goes 15 times to introduce himself to Will, son of Sorenstam, as if everyone on God’s green earth doesn’t already know who he is. But good manners on his part.

John Daly being John Daly

I’m going to leave you all with this video of John Daly getting himself straight into harm’s way on a golf course.

We’ll see you in Orlando!

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