Kanye West: Adidas to launch investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior made against rapper

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Adidas will begin an investigation into allegations of misconduct by Kanye West, with whom the company had a relationship that ended in October.

In a statement released on Thursday, Adidas said “it is not yet clear whether the allegations made in the anonymous letter are true. However, we take these allegations seriously and have taken the initiative to launch an independent investigation into the matter and immediately address the issue.”

The report follows an article in Rolling Stone that said Adidas board members ignored inappropriate behavior from the rapper, who has officially changed his name to Ye, in association with his Yeezy brand.

This misconduct, according to Rolling Stone, includes accusations of swearing, bullying and offensive language, especially towards women, and sexual harassment. The Rolling Stone piece details how West used to play porn and share pornographic images during business meetings.

Rolling Stone says it obtained a letter sent by former Yeezy executives to members of the executive committee on Tuesday about the “toxic and chaotic environment created by Kanye West.” The letter went on to say, “This response from a co-worker is one that Adidas employees should not put down, and Adidas management should not tolerate.”

Adidas ended its relationship with Ye after a series of antisemitic comments in recent months. In late October, West spoke about antisemitic comments – as well as his comments about George Floyd and Black Lives Matter – in a 16-minute long video shared by WmgLab Records on YouTube and appears to have been recorded sometime after Adidas ended the business relationship. with him.

“I think Adidas felt like everyone was rebelling against me that they had the right to just take my design,” West told the small crowd.

In the video, West did not apologize for his offensive comments but appeared to be trying to distance himself from any “hate group”.

“I have no affiliation with any hate group,” West said, closing his words in a prayer. “If hatred happens to any Jewish person, it is not included (signs to him) because I want everyone to walk in love.”

Adidas has been associated with West since 2013, when the company signed his brand away from rival Nike. In 2016, Adidas expanded its relationship with the rapper, calling it “the most important partnership ever created between a non-athlete and a sports brand.”

CNN reached out to an aide to West for comment, but did not hear back. Currently, West does not have an attorney or publicist representing him in this matter.

-CNN’s Dan Heching contributed this report


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