Kindergarteners’ Paper Jack-o’-Lanterns in Teacher’s Video Delight Internet

A paper jack-o’-lantern made by a kindergarten class is taking the Internet by storm with a viral TikTok—even if the kids didn’t exactly follow suit.

TikTok user @ashanngraf shared the video on October 18, and has since reached over 2.3 million views, as well as over 317,000 likes and 10,000 comments on her video, captioned “1st Holiday Craft with my Children!”

The video opens with an example of a jack-o-lantern made by @ashanngraf to show young students what they’ll be doing—a grinning pumpkin made of orange construction paper strips on a black background, complete with goofy wide-eyed laughter.

Another video, set to a cover of the Earth, Wind and Fire classic “September” didn’t play well on the recorder, showing less perfect but positive results. The kid versions may not have split the orange strips evenly or may have more teeth than expected, but they were still fun.

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“I like the kid versions better than the full version,” wrote TikToker @kathleenpikelake in the top-rated comment with more than 10,000 likes.

“This is why I love kindergarten,” wrote @vparker50.

“These are all the stages my brain goes through during the day,” wrote @bubbajay007.

“Kindergarten teacher here – this kind of work is always my favorite! Thanks for the laugh!!!!” @julesgirl23 shared.

The clip even made it to Twitter, shared by @ruemcclammyhand, has garnered another 8,000 views.

“All of this is amazing,” he wrote. “mark you that I’m the one who looks like a Halloween meatwad,” referring to the popular character in the Adult Swim series Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Kindergarten pumpkin jackolantern paper construction tiktok
A TikTok showing a kindergarten class’ attempt at making a paper jack-o’-lantern is taking the internet by storm.
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While paper jack-o’-lanterns are fun, a real pumpkin is the norm—and real jack-o’lanterns have been among TikTok trends in the past. Last year, the trend saw people carving their thighs with power washers. The technique gives the carving a more indirect, natural look—with the added bonus of having soapy water and inner thighs coming out of the newly formed mouth.

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“The result was amazing,” said artist Jana Brown Newsweek at that time. “Especially watching it move, the kids loved that part.

“The second one we injected with a food injection to make it green and very tasty,” he added.

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Some people, however, have chosen to take their time with traditional carving methods and create more ornate jack-o’-lanterns. Singer Brent Pumpkins spoke with him Newsweek in 2019 about some of her tricks—revealing that her Beyoncé pumpkin took two hours to get right—but also urged people to remember that squash doesn’t stick around forever.

“I always honestly tell people it’s a rotten squash episode. Don’t get it wrong. However, everything goes on in social media,” Pumpkins said.

And once Halloween is over—the jack-o’-lantern can be compost, bird feeders or food for the local zoo animals.

Newsweek reached out to @ashanngraf for comment.

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