Man United’s Antony spins on ball, puts internet in a twist

Manchester United managed to qualify for the knockout stage of the Europa League with a comfortable 3-0 victory over Sherif Tiraspol, although the match did not go entirely without controversy.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s scoring upon his return to the squad grabbed the headlines, but an incident in the first half led to winger Antonios being criticized for what he was supposed to be showing off visitors. Performing his trademark ‘spin’ trick.

With the match going without goals, the Brazilian collected the ball in acres of space, stretched 360 degrees twice and then proceeded to put in a faulty pass that went straight out for a goal kick.

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As expected, the double spin caused a bit of an uproar as fans on social media and pundits in studios argued whether a player expressing themselves on the field before unnecessarily abandoning possession was a good or bad thing.

It has been pointed out that Anthony’s turn is nowhere near the most useless ‘skill’ by a United winger, thanks in large part to the efforts of one Andrei Kanchelskis.

Distributing his players’ ratings in the game, ESPN’s Rob Dawson gave Anthony a disappointing score of 4/10 after failing to make a significant impact against Sharif beyond his rapid spread.

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Anthony has done the course on a regular basis, and was made to prove it when he arrived at United during the summer with the club Post a like on their official social media channels.

Several prominent critics expressed strong opinions after witnessing the charade against Sharif, and former United midfielder Paul Scholes was soon quick to come by. To discredit Anthony for his amazing moves By describing the stunt as “ridiculous.” Former United graduate Robbie Savage also criticized the 720-degree circular display as “embarrassing” while commenting on the game.

However, it was also pointed out that Scholes’ assessment could be somewhat ambiguous due to bad memories of South African midfielder Skara Ngobezi. Doing the same trick right in front of him During a pre-season friendly match for United against the Kaizer Chiefs in 2008.

Anthony was substituted in the first half against Sheriff although United boss Eric Ten Hag later insisted the substitution was pre-planned and was more so due to the Brazilian’s general lack of impact on the night at Old Trafford.

“I don’t have a problem with that [the spin] “As long as it’s practical,” the Dutchman said after the match. And I also ask him for more – more running back, more often in the penalty area, more followers and more dribbling at a greater pace, in particular, and more pocket play.

Ten Hag explained that Anthony was substituted for lack of sharpness although he also vowed to “correct” the fiery 22-year-old as to the right time and place to delve into his bluff bag.

“We demand more dominance in this game and when there is a trick like that, it’s great. As long as it works effectively, if you don’t lose the ball and attract players, that’s fine. But if it’s trick by trick I’ll correct it.”

Of course, the reaction to Anthony’s move sparked the age-old debate about where the line between authentic flair and needless showmanship when it comes to offensive football stands. Lots of creative players – many of them Brazilians – have done their own trick over the years.

In fact, we need look no further than Neymar who adopted sombrero (Cunning flick over the ball and over the opponent’s head) At a young age he quickly made it his own.

The Paris Saint-Germain star is also part of a “Rainbow Flick,” Trapping the ball between his heels and using them to arc the ball over his pen.

It is used by Ronaldo and Ronaldinho among others, and flexibility‘ or ‘flip-flap’ He was a staple of the Brazilian side for many years.

Liverpool star Roberto Firmino has carved out a cute little stature for himself as a major advocate of rudeness “Do not pass a look.”

Known for his skill at handling the ball, he mastered Andres Iniesta croquette A quick transfer of the ball between his feet allowed the former Barcelona midfielder to penetrate through the gaps between defenders.

Probably the most famous signature trick is “Dodge the Seal” Performed by Brazilian striker Kerlon. The ball was moved up and played to the front, usually until an overly angry defender stopped the action.


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