Manchester enters the Metaverse with brand new VR venue

London’s first and largest award-winning virtual reality arcade, DNA VR, has announced that it will open a new location in Manchester in early 2023. Providing unique entertainment, DNA VR enables visitors to enter unimaginable worlds that include horror, fantasy. and music.

From surviving the zombie apocalypse, to the Egyptian towers or fighting dragons, DNA VR has a game for everyone. DNA VR will have the capacity to host up to 16 virtual sessions (19 people) simultaneously to provide an unparalleled immersive experience for gamers. Offering true escapism, visitors can enjoy both virtual reality and team modes in 70 games that offer hours of gameplay in an unparalleled entertainment experience.

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In the new Manchester area there is a game for everyone, whether that’s solving an escape hatch, exploring the depths of the blue ocean or saving Earth from an intergalactic disaster. Up to 15 people can be connected to VR pods and explore new worlds including Skyfront VR, Ragnarok, Elven Assassin and Arizona Sunshine. While the ‘Free Roam’ arcade offers long-form escape rooms, exploratory experiences and horror game modes for up to four players, such as Hospital Of Horror, Space Station Tiberia and Depths Of Osiris.

Whether you’re in for a scare or want to test your survival skills against zombies, DNA VR is the ultimate day out on the town or party scene, with plenty of virtual experiences and escape rooms to choose from. Perfect for a family day trip, a night out with friends; corporate parties, even date nights, the places are enjoyed by many famous faces including Olivia and Alex Bowen, Idris Elba, KSI and Hollywood royalty, Chris Hemsworth (and his children!).

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For those in need of Dutch courage before taking on a horde of zombies, guests can enjoy a tipple before or after the game. DNA VR Manchester will be fully equipped with a mini bar, offering a variety of drinks in a beautifully decorated and futuristic space. The property is conveniently located in Manchester City Centre, only 15 minutes from Manchester Piccadilly Station.

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Alexander Tsyurupa, Co-Founder and CEO of DNA VR, said: “We are very excited to open DNA VR in Manchester, our first location outside of London. People are looking for new immersive experiences and DNA VR’s cutting-edge technology allows visitors to enjoy exciting gameplay. Whether you’re looking for a fun adventure, or to solve a series of mysteries, we have hundreds of games for all interests and passions.”


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