MAX CAVALERA: Why Most Of My Guitars Have Only Four Strings

In a new interview with Brutal Planet Magazineold SEPULTURA and the present SPIRIT frontman Max Cavalera he talked about his popularity as a modern day celebrity. He said (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET: “I’ve always been fascinated by riffs, man. I think riffs are amazing; they’re magical. There’s something about it. Your personality comes through the riff – anger, despair, happiness; they all come through the riffs. And I love That’s why I ended up… It’s not the reason why to produce these two strings — long time ago, in Brazil — but when those strings came out of my guitar and I only had four strings. full rhythm riff is a four-string player more than ever. I still, to this day, most of my guitars have four strings on them.”

When asked in a 2005 interview what made him start playing the four-string guitar, Max he said, “I don’t do deals, you know? More than ten years ago, when those strings broke, my friend said, ‘Don’t replace them, you don’t use them anyway. You’re just going. spend money for nothing, save the money and buy beer.’ I was like, ‘Okay, okay,’ and I never took it back. Over the years, it’s been a trademark that I thought was cool. It’s something different about the way I do things. The guys who make guitars I work with, they must think I’m crazy when their bosses tell them not to put those two strings on. because I don’t use them. I just imagine… They’re saying, ‘What’s wrong with this man?’ [Laughs] I’m a total rhythm player…all I do is riffs. Working with so many guitarists, so many talented guitarists, inspires me not to lose any strings.”

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About how, in his opinion, playing with just four strings changed his entire sound, Max he said, “I think it changed it in the sense that it made me sound better, you know? Everything I do when I’m writing a different song, that’s the foundation of my voice. I love it. [BLACK SABBATH guitarist] Tony Iommi… his style of playing … he leads as well, of course, but his riffs, the strong rhythm section that he helps create, is where I really emphasize my style, being a strong riff player. I can be. Instead of being a player who plays riffs and does a few leads, I say, ‘Fuck that!’ and just stay completely busy with the riffs. On an album, I try to play better, tighter, stuffier as much as possible, you know?”

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Starting this month, SPIRIT recruited Mike DeLeon as its new touring guitarist.

Before you meet SPIRIT, DeLeon was a member of PANTHER a singer Philip Anselmo‘s solo band PHILIP H. ANSELMO AND ALL BEHINDwhich he joined in 2015 as a replacement Marzi Montazeri. Recently, Mike filled with desire Zakk Wylde at the start of training for the fall of 2022 PANTHER it shows.

In August 2021, SPIRIT they broke up with the guitarist Marc Rizzo because of the diversity of people. FEAR FACTORY‘s Dino Cazares he played the guitar SPIRIT on the modern sports team.

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SPIRIT will embark on a major US tour later this month. The 57-date tour will run from late January to early April, and will feature support from Florida death metal. BODYBOXMaryland progressive metal HALF HEARD WORDSLos Angeles industry DRIFT and Botswana metallers SKINFLINT.

SPIRIT is continuing to tour in support of its twelfth album, “Totem”which was published in August through Nuclear Blast. Follow up in 2018 “Ritual” written on Platinum Underground in Mesa, Arizona and John Aquilino and Arthur Rizk with help from John Powers. Produced by Max aside Arthur Rizk (CRETOR, MUNICIPAL LIFESTYLE, CODE ORANGE), the LP boasts guest appearances from John Powers (END WORKER),Chris Ulsh (THE POWER OF INTELLIGENCE) and John Tardy (OBITUARY) Rizk he was also responsible for playing lead guitar on the record. The artwork for the album was created by James Bousema.


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