Microsoft is losing the computing war to Apple — and the Surface Pro 9 is proof

So I was reading the first batch of Surface Pro 9 reviews, and a theme quickly emerged as I digested the highlights. (We’ve got our own review of Microsoft’s latest 2-in-1 device on the way.) Frankly, Windows on ARM just isn’t good enough—certainly not good enough to justify the hefty $1,299 ($1,579 with keyboard and stylus) price for what should be one of the laptops very beautiful.

Let’s start with general performance. There are two versions of the Surface Pro 9: one with an SQ3 chip (Qualcomm and Microsoft) and one with an Intel 12th gen chip. According to Andrew Freedman at Tom’s Hardware (opens in a new tab)the SQ3 model is far behind the MacBook Air M2 in the test series.


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