New FIFA rankings released based on 2022 World Cup

The latest FIFA rankings have been released after the 2022 World Cup and there have been some major changes in the top and bottom list of teams.

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World Cup winners Argentina are still not at the top of the FIFA rankings, but have moved into second place only with South American rivals Brazil as they retain top spot despite a disappointing World Cup.

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People everywhere will be scratching their heads that the World Cup-winning team was not ranked as the No. 1 team on the planet in the latest FIFA rankings.

And that’s fair enough.

Why is Argentina not at the top?

Given the way FIFA calculates its rankings, Lionel Messi and Argentina are awarded points based on the strength of their recent opponents.

Brazil’s total points are 1840.77, just two points higher than Argentina’s 1838.38. This means that if they win and Brazil fail to win, Argentina will overtake Brazil after their next match.

FIFA changed their method for calculating these rankings in 2018 and here are the full details of how it’s done. Basically, if you face stronger opponents, you get more points. And there is no longer a period attached to these ratings. If you are bad you fall fast and if you are good you rise fast.

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Who are the big climbers?

Morocco is the big winner as Atlas Lions climbs 11 places to 11th in the world. What Walid Regargui did was sensational and he was the darling of the 2022 World Cup.

Japan also moved up four places to 20th, while the US and Switzerland moved up three places each, with the US ranked 13th and Switzerland 12th in the world.

Australia finished 27th with 11 points as the Socceroos shocked us all by reaching the last 16 at the World Cup, where they gave eventual champions Argentina a really tough game. Cameroon moved up 10 places to 33rd place thanks to their famous victory over Brazil in the group stage.

Who lowered the ranking?

Belgium dropped from second to fourth and are likely to drop further after their group stage exit at the World Cup. The golden generation is gone.

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Spain, Germany, Mexico and Uruguay all also dropped, while European champions Italy (remember them!?) dropped two places, which was inevitable after Roberto Mancini’s side failed to reach the World Cup.

Denmark’s drop of eight places to 18th reflects its terrible World Cup, while Iran is down four places, Wales is down nine places, Serbia is down eight places to 30th, Canada is down 12 places to 53rd and Qatar is 10th. The rank dropped to 60th. John Herdman’s Canada saw the biggest collapse of any World Cup team.

What to do with America’s ranking?

The ranking of 13th is the USMNT’s second-highest ranking since Gregg Berhalter took charge as they were ranked 10th in 2021. The USMNT have dropped to 36th in these rankings but have stayed within their rankings for most of the past 12 months. Top 20.

With the Gold Cup coming in 2023 and then the potential to play in the Copa America in 2024 (reportedly), the USA could move into the top 10 because they have two major international tournaments to play and earn more points. will Wins in major tournaments over friendly games.

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Below are FIFA’s rankings for the top 20, showing the upward and downward movement for teams, as well as a graphic showing where each team lands at the 2022 World Cup.

FIFA Rankings, Top 20 as of 22 December 2022

1. Brazil – even
2. Argentina – Top 1
3. France – Top 1
4. Belgium – Bottom 2
5. England – even
6. Netherlands – Top 2
7. Croatia – Top 1
8. Italy – Bottom 2
9. Portugal – even
10. Spain – Bottom 3
11. Morocco – Top 11
12. Switzerland – Top 3
13. USA – Top 3
14. Germany – Bottom 3
15. Mexico – Bottom 2
16. Uruguay – Bottom 2
17. Colombia – even
18. Denmark – Bottom 8
19. Senegal – Bottom 1
20. Japan – Top 4


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