Niagara University receives grants totaling $500,000 from Mother Cabrini Foundation

Wednesday, Feb 1st 2023 10:40 pm

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Niagara University Receives $300,000 Grant to Grow and Strengthen Nursing Workforce

The University of Niagara has received a $300,000 grant from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation to continue and improve the work done by its College of Nursing to promote the resilience of the nurse, to successfully close the transition from student to health professional, to address the acute shortage of nurses, to increase. raising awareness of health disparities, and developing effective methods of care in complex settings throughout Western New York, with an emphasis on Niagara County.

This new funding will be used to improve the educational preparation of students and to improve the quality of care throughout life, especially for the most complex and vulnerable patients in health care settings, through the expanded use of virtual reality, telemedicine training, and other patients. -Maintenance of simulation of educational and training experiences of the game. This on-campus clinical experience will allow students to develop critical logical thinking and clinical judgment skills.

The grant will also support a new sustainability and resource officer position, which will work with pre-service nurses and other health care professionals and students specializing in direct care, novice nurses, multidisciplinary care teams, nurses, and other health care workers to develop the skills and tools needed to reduce workplace stress and anxiety. which leads to burnout.

“Appropriate self-care methods are important for nurses to reduce their stress, renew their ability to provide compassion and empathy, and improve the quality of care,” said Dr. Christine Verni, dean of the college. “Our fitness and resource officer will expand efforts to improve well-being by continuing to develop critical thinking skills that enable nurses to be resilient when presented with stressors in the workplace, classroom, and/or clinical settings as they move from the formal education setting to the workplace. in a hospital or other clinical setting.”

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Professional development opportunities will also be offered to nursing students, recent graduates, and other health care workers, especially those just starting their careers and/or those in leadership positions.

This project builds on the work started last year with a grant from the Cabrini Foundation to develop technology in the simulation labs and skills of the College of Nursing, to develop expanded certifications to create new pathways to the health professions of nurses and allied organizations, and to promote high-impact training for public health educators.

“At a time when New York state’s health needs are critical and extensive, the foundation supports hundreds of programs that address the needs of vulnerable New Yorkers and underserved communities across the state. From building our health care workforce and providing essential services for immigrants and refugees, to investing in community-based providers that address chronic challenges from mental health to food insecurity, this year’s funding will once again provide much-needed support to underserved communities,” said Alfred F. Kelly, Jr., executive chairman of Visa and chairman of the board of the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation.

Niagara’s College of Nursing offers a four-year Bachelor of Science degree and an accelerated BS in nursing, both accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The college also maintains a state-of-the-art Nursing Simulation Center, which provides practical opportunities for students while supporting traditional classroom learning and clinical practice experiences, as well as a skills lab.

The college has longstanding relationships with regional health care partners, including Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, Mount St. Mary’s Hospital, and Kaleida Health, which trains students and employs graduates in nursing careers upon completion of the program.

NU Receives $200,000 Grant to Expand Disability Awareness Training for Erie County Probation Officers

Niagara University has received a $200,000 grant from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation to expand its specialty training in the area of ​​disability and substance abuse at the Erie County Probation Department. The training will increase disability and substance abuse knowledge and awareness among probation officers, improve probationers’ health care and related health care services and potentially reduce recidivism among probation clients with complex needs. Last year, a $150,000 Cabrini grant funded this customized training at the Niagara Regional Probation Department.

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“Everyone needs disability awareness training,” said David V. Whalen, director of Niagara University’s First Responder Disability Awareness Training program. “This grant will enable NU FRDAT to expand its customized training for probation staff at the Erie County Probation Department to better prepare them to recognize, identify, approach, interact with and respond to their probationers with disabilities and substance abuse problems.”

A previous study by faculty in the criminology and criminal justice department at Niagara University revealed that probationers with unaddressed mental health and substance abuse issues are more likely to have their probation revoked or incarcerated. Without proper training, probation officers are often unable to identify specific needs that are not disclosed by probationers; as a result, mental health issues are often overlooked.

NU FRDAT, in partnership with ECPD and community organizations including Every1 ATI Community Services (Alternatives to Incarceration), WNY Independent Living Center, Spectrum Services, and Human Center Services, will develop and provide training based on NU Recognize- Identify-Approach. -Interact-Respond (RIAIR) model for all ECPD personnel. The training will educate staff on recognizing indicators/signs of disability; equip them with the necessary knowledge to identify specific disabilities; and provide guidance on appropriate responses, such as using community resources and support services.

This new program will expand NU FRDAT’s current offerings, which include customized training for law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical services personnel, and 911 operators, as well as training for emergency management personnel, both on-site and in virtual format. It was developed in collaboration with all major first responder organizations, councils and federal offices, and was designed to provide first responders with the information needed to help and respond effectively to people with disabilities. In 2020, NU FRDAT was invited to collaborate with CSE1 and the Family Justice Center to develop and provide training for disability organizations, domestic violence organizations, and legal and regulatory agencies in Western New York to help them better serve individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. disabled people who have experienced domestic violence.

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About Mother Cabrini Health Foundation

The Mother Cabrini Health Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of New Yorkers, strengthen health outcomes for at-risk communities, eliminate barriers to care, and close gaps in health services. Named for a tireless advocate for immigrants, children and the poor, the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation funds programs and initiatives throughout New York that provide direct health care services or address the social aspects of health. For more information, visit

About Niagara University

Founded by the Vincentian community in 1856, Niagara University is a comprehensive institution, combining liberal arts and professional education, grounded in our Catholic values-based culture. Its Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Education, Hospitality, Sports and Tourism Management, and Nursing offer programs at the baccalaureate, masters and doctoral levels.

As the first Vincentian university established in the United States, Niagara prepares students for personal and professional success while emphasizing community service in honor of St. Vincent de Paul. The Niagara Institute’s commitment to resource learning has led to its inclusion on the President’s Honor List for Community Service every year since its founding in 2006, and its recognition with the Carnegie Foundation’s Classification for Community Engagement.


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