Portland business owners excited for first NYE without restrictions since 2020

PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) – As residents prepare for the first New Year’s Eve without COVID-19 restrictions since the start of the pandemic, restaurants and businesses are doing the same.

“New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are our busiest,” said Hilda Dibe, owner of Nicholas Restaurant. “It’s a holiday and everyone’s gone, so it’s generally very busy.”

We met with Dibe at their Southeast Madison location. He said they are preparing extra food and bringing in additional staff. They will be open on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

“We start as early as 5 in the morning,” Dibe said. “We make the bread from scratch. We’ll make hundreds of pita breads, baklava, tabouli salad, we chop parsley, roll the grape leaves. There’s a lot of preparation that goes on early. I think we’ll probably serve over 2,000 people for the next two days.”

In Northeast Portland, Mark Byrum, owner of Urban Renaissance Group, said staff have been busy preparing over the last month at multiple locations in Tualatin and Portland.

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“A lot of action, a lot of activity,” Byrum said. “The staff are busy organizing the various parties that we have to prepare for the big night. Brix Tavern in Tualatin and downtown Portland both have four-course menus and a DJ on both properties and a dance floor. At the Metropolitan Tavern, we are standing in the ballroom that will be open, along with full service dinners.”

Byrum says there’s still time to RSVP, but tickets are selling fast.

“You can go online to any of the properties and buy tickets,” Byrum said. “We’re selling out fast. That means everyone wants to come out and celebrate. The excitement and the reality of how many tickets we’ve sold and how many reservations we have for dinner, you can definitely tell the difference in the last two years for sure. . Combined, there will be thousands at our locations. We’ll probably see about 3,000.”

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All Urban Renissance Group events in Portland and Tualatin:

  • Brix Tavern South with DJ Steven: Learn More & Buy Tickets
  • Metropolitan Tavern with DJ Vinnie: Learn More & Buy Tickets
  • Gordon Tavern with DJ Mike: Learn More & Buy Tickets

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In Southeast Portland, Quaintrelle is preparing a nine-course meal for New Year’s Eve. Chef Ryley Eckersley says he can tell the townspeople are ready for this weekend’s festivities.

“I feel like everyone is excited for it,” Eckersley said. “I feel like there’s a buzz in the city. The concept behind this New Year’s meal is good luck in the new year. All the dishes are really good luck in different cultures around the world and in this country.”

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Chef Eckersley said the restaurant has held New Year’s Eve dinners for the past four years, pulling out all the stops for customers.

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“On the tasting menu you already have your oysters and your shells,” Eckersley said. “You can get some truffles, foie gras, or caviar there.” In this New Year’s menu, everything is integrated. I have two different types of caviar in two different ways because it’s New Year. Why?”

No matter where you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve, everyone we spoke to asked about safety ahead of the weekend festivities. In partnership with ODOT, TriMet will offer free rides on New Year’s Eve after 8 p.m. They will also have extended hours until 2 a.m.


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