Prince Harry and Meghan reveal bitter split from royal family in Netflix documentary


Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, explained the breakdown of their relationship with the British royal family in the final episodes of their controversial Netflix documentary.

Harry said it was “horrendous” that his brother, Prince William, scolded him during his painful separation from the family in early 2020, a time that put the couple on a different path from school and opened wounds between the royal family. appear while they are still late.

The fourth, fifth and sixth episodes of “Harry & Meghan” aired on Thursday, and cover the couple’s struggles since their 2018 wedding, Meghan’s deteriorating mental health and her miscarriage in 2020, and ultimately their decision to step down as working members of the family.

Harry said he had originally asked for a “half in, half out” arrangement, where Harry and Meghan would have their own roles but still work to support the Queen during a difficult family meeting. “But it became clear very quickly that the intention was not for discussion or argument,” Harry said.

“It was scary that my brother was yelling at me, and my father was saying things that weren’t true, and my grandmother sat there quietly and listened,” she said, recalling the conversation with Prince William. then-Prince Charles, and Queen Elizabeth II.

“But you have to understand that from the family’s point of view, especially from his point of view, there are ways to do things. And his ultimate goal and purpose, career, position… he will continue with the advice he was given,” Harry said.

The couple explain in new episodes that, in their view, their position in the royal family seems untenable after constant snooping from the British media and the repeated disregard for the couple’s well-being within the palace walls.

Buckingham Palace reiterated that it would not comment on the documentary on Thursday. The royal tour continues, with King Charles and Camilla, the Queen Consort, set to visit a community kitchen in London and attend a carol session with the Prince and Princess of Wales and other family members.

Harry said that there was jealousy from other members of the royal family towards Meghan given the amount of media attention she began to receive. “The issue is when a person is getting married, he should be supporting work, and then he steals fame or is doing work better than he was born doing this,” he said.

“That upsets people. It affects the balance. Because you have been led to believe that the only way charities can succeed and your cause can grow is if you are on the front pages of those newspapers. ”

The stories also touch on Meghan’s deteriorating mental health and her miscarriage in July 2020. “I was pregnant. I really couldn’t sleep. The first morning we woke up in our new home was when I miscarried,” Meghan said.

He described wanting to kill himself, telling the filmmakers that he believed “all of this will stop if I’m not here. And that was the scariest thing about it, it was such a clear thought.”

“A lie, one thing. You get used to that when you live in this family,” Harry added. “But what they did to him, and what it did to him… enough. Enough of the pain, enough of the suffering.”

“I just did everything I could to make them proud, and to really be a part of the family,” Meghan said in episode five, talking about her relationship with the rest of the royal family. “And then the bubble burst.”

“I realized that I wasn’t just being thrown to the curb, I was being given to wolves,” he said.

The couple explained the breakdown of their relationship with the royal society.

The highly anticipated Netflix documentary shows the Sussexes’ attempts to reclaim the narrative surrounding their departure from royal life.

It details the increasingly strained relationship between Harry and his brother, William, and his father, King Charles III. And it reinforces the idea that the royal family wanted to sideline and separate the couple, often through the planting of negative media stories, rather than having them take members of the royal family into the limelight.

“My father said to me: ‘Dear boy, you cannot talk to the media. The media will always be the media,” Harry said, describing the palace’s relationship with the media as a “dirty game.”

The result of the breakdown between the royal organization and Harry and Meghan, who were previously mentioned by the media as the reforming force that the kingdom needed, was their historic and controversial decision at the beginning of 2020 to leave the work of the royal family and leave the UK.

Harry said he had spoken to Queen Elizabeth II and planned to meet her, and Meghan, before the split.

“He knew that things were difficult. “I spoke to him several times about it,” Harry said. But when the meeting came, Meghan said they received a message from an aide telling them they were not allowed to see the king.

“I was told I was busy all week,” the Queen told Harry, according to her recollection. “I was like, wow,” Harry said. “This is where the family and the family business are at odds… exactly what they are doing is preventing the grandson from seeing his grandmother,” added Meghan.

The pair were critical of the Queen’s aides, but also praised the late monarch herself, who died aged 96 in September, shortly after filming.

Their document, and Harry’s upcoming memoir, focuses more on the complicated relationship between the prince and his father, King Charles.

Thursday’s release follows last week’s batch of episodes, in which Prince Harry criticized the “ignorance” within the family.

It remains to be seen whether this business will increase the popularity of the couple as they look to carve out their post-royalty.

Six out of ten Brits believe it was a bad idea for the Duke and Duchess to release the Netflix series, according to a Savanta poll of 2,200 British adults conducted online between December 9 and 11, between the release of the first and second episodes. series.

The same survey found that Harry and Meghan both have a negative approval among the British public – -3 and -19 respectively, when removing those who have a negative opinion from those who have a positive one – in contrast to the high popularity of Prince William (+60) and Charles III (+36).

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