RHOSLC reunion LIVE — Jen Shah teases Housewives comeback amid jail sentence as she misses Bravo season 3 finale

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) star Jen Shah has teased her return to the show despite serving a prison sentence.

Jen, 49, posted a rare photo of herself on Instagram in a low-cut dress and captioned the photo “Dress Rehearsal … See you soon,” prompting fans to believe she may be returning to the show.

This comes six weeks after they were sentenced to 6,500 years in prison on charges of fraud and money laundering.

Before Jen’s sentencing, she announced that she would not be attending the RHOSLC meeting, saying: “I was clear with Bravo that out of respect for the courts and the standing order of the court, I would not be able to discuss anything related to my conviction or my sentence.”

Jen said that Bravo “found this unpleasant and said they were looking forward to discussing this ‘issue’.”

He added: “That expectation has nothing to do with me or my family’s well-being. So under legal advice, I will not be attending this meeting.”

The first episode of RHOSLC season 3 reunites tonight at 8pm on Bravo.

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  • Did Jen hit Heather?

    The women on the couch asked each other if they thought Jen hit Heather and gave her a black eye.

    Andy asked Heather if she thought Jen did it and she repeated that she had no idea.

    Heather said she called Jen the next day to help her come up with a cover story.

    Whitney, Angie K, and Dana assumed that there was an accident that caused the black eye or that Jen hit her.

    Angie K laughed when she heard rumors of a sexual relationship between Heather and Jen that may have caused the black eye.

  • Heather apologizes

    Heather apologized for lying about her black eye and admitted the reason she wasn’t honest was because she was ashamed.

    He said, “It was embarrassing. I don’t want to be black. I don’t want to be drunk and black and not care about it is horrible. … for me, I have a lot of Mormon shame about drinking. , and I’ve already faced a lot on the show and now it’s out and now I’m waking up friendless in the world with a big black eye .”

    He added, “I woke up in a state of extreme anxiety and shame and humiliation and no way to hide it.”

  • Heather says with a black eye

    Pictures of the girl’s trip showed Heather giving mixed stories about her black eye.

    Andy lied and Heather admitted that she was red and didn’t know how she got hurt.

    Heather said she lied, “Because I was afraid that they (her colleagues) would rewrite the list if I said I didn’t know, they could say whatever they wanted.”

  • Angie H revealed that Jen slapped Heather behind her back

    Angie H revealed that Jen told her that Heather’s business was struggling.

    He also showed messages from Jen saying she was going to “expose” Heather.

  • Angie H talks about the game on tour

    Heather supported Jen pouring champagne over Angie’s head and said she saw a laugh in it when she saw the show back.

    Angie H also revealed that, “To be completely honest, I feel that Jen wanted me in the group but with the circumstances, and that I had to stay here.”

    Lisa also said Jen wouldn’t let her and Angie K text.

  • Lisa accuses Angie’s husband of ‘trolling’

    After this heat, Lisa shot Angie K, “you want to ignore the fact that your husband stepped on me.”

  • Angie K said she never spread rumors about Lisa

    Angie revealed that she never spread rumors about Lisa.

    Lisa also denied that she created an Instagram account to bash Angie.

  • Angie H, Angie K, and Dana join the partnership

    The three women joined Andy and the other housewives on the sofa.

    Dana showed that she liked Jen at first but after seeing how she treated some of the women that changed her opinion.

    When asked why she told Jen that she was friends with another speaker, “I was hoping that maybe he would act like I didn’t know that he might do it before.” Talk about it. Talk to it. Take responsibility. “

  • Lisa is taken by heart

    Lisa revealed that she was “devastated” by the loss of her friendship with Meredith.

    She added that what hurt her the most was when her husband John was drafted into the war and she started crying.

  • Jen Shah joins the conversation!

    Meredith called Jen Shah to clear up the rumors about her popping pills.

    Jen denied the rumors and Lisa shot back that she wasn’t going to jail for lying.

    Lisa yelled at Meredith, “Names names. …I have never said that. Never. It’s ridiculous that you would believe someone would go to jail for lying to me.”

  • Does Meredith have a pill problem?

    Lisa talked about what she said earlier that Meredith “pops pills.”

    He said, “Jen told me they gave pills. She told me you two were on Ketamine or something.”

    Meredith was shocked at the allegations and called the claims “outrageous.”

  • What are the rumors about Lisa B?

    Whitney cleared up rumors that Lisa has traded sex to get court tickets.

    He defended himself again by starting a rumor and informed Meredith that she had told him about the court tickets.

    Lisa B added that she does not believe that Whitney would spread rumors about her and the women fought over whether Whitney or Meredith was responsible for spreading the rumors.

  • Meredith and Lisa B address the game

    Meredith reveals that she didn’t reach out to Lisa for her birthday, they haven’t said a word yet.

    “My issues with Lisa today have nothing to do with her shouting. How many times do I have to say the same thing?”

    He explained, “After Arizona we were in neutral territory. We hope it’s good to move forward.

    Not long ago I found out that Lisa unfollowed me on her Instagram. “

    Meredith also added that she was sad Lisa didn’t come after her father’s death.

  • The women feel Jen’s absence

    The women share with Andy their reactions to Jen Shah’s verdict and absence from the reunion.

    Lisa B. said, “I have mixed feelings. As I think in many ways I think it would be nice to have Jen here so we can just talk things out and you know closure. “

    Whitney added, “I was surprised because the whole season since he was indicted he’s been pleading not guilty and yelling at himself from the rooftops so I honestly thought he was going to fight the trial to the end.”

    Meredith added, “I was surprised. It’s not what I expected.”

  • Heather Gay reveals that her eye took ’10 days’ to heal

    Heather Gay revealed her dislocated eye “took about 10 days” to heal but she “could cover it with makeup.”

  • The runner’s van has arrived

    The housewives have arrived at this meeting in a hurry.

    Athletes have seen a lot of air time this season as some great battles have taken place in one another.

  • Ladies in the dressing room!

    The housewives are being treated to their glory at the reunion.

    Andy Cohen made his entrance and chatted with the ladies before the show.

  • Tune in!

    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Reunion: Episode 1 is airing on Bravo NOW!

  • Lisa Barlow says SLC reunion was ‘crazy’

    Before the premiere, Lisa Barlow was resplendent in her role as the self-proclaimed Queen of Sundance, as this year’s festival returned to being a personal event.

    The PR expert visited Adobe’s IndieWire Studio and revealed that she “wore a beautiful Gucci dress” for the reunion, which she said was “absolutely crazy,” per Deadline.

    “This season is different from the first and second season. And I think when I entered the second season, it was difficult because I felt lonely,” he said.

    “Going into the third season was different because the relationship had changed a lot. I just kept an open mind and said ‘let’s see how it goes.’ But from the moment that hot mic was not surprising. “

  • Bravo ‘looking to replace the three’ SLC housewives

    Ahead of the upcoming fourth season of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, three cast members are reportedly being fired.

    A recent report says that the producers of the show are hoping to bring back their three female characters, including the one who will be arrested Jen Shah, in order to make the show more interesting after the third “dark” season, which watched. on Jen’s accusations against adults and Heather Gay’s black eye.

    “They held auditions in the fall,” a source revealed to Page Six.

    “They were looking to replace three of them. They had not decided whether some ‘friends of’ would be promoted or if they would get new talent.”

    Angie Katsanevas, Angie Harrington, and Danna Bui-Negrete from season three’s “friends” are reportedly not returning, according to the source, which says Heather, Meredith Marks, Whitney Rose, and Lisa Barlow are “safe.”

  • Andy Cohen in hot water

    In an interview with CNN’s Chris Wallace, Andy Cohen backtracked on past statements supporting the former housewife.

    Wallace showed him his support, asking: “Why are you supporting the thousands of people he defrauded, including the elderly?”

    Cohen winced, then replied: “I guess I hoped he was innocent.”

    “That’s before he pleads guilty, I mean, that I said that, I would think?”

    Wallace said the comments were made after a request.

    “Oh, god. Um, still! Wow, this is fun,” said Cohen, laughing. “Sometimes you get to know someone and you get to love them, you hope they’re not guilty of something horrible.”

  • Friends of the housewives: Angie Harrington

    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Angie Harrington is well known (RHOSLC).

    She runs a fashion and lifestyle blog, The Fashion Ruse, in addition to her involvement on RHOSLC.

    Speaking about why she started her blog, Angie said in an interview: “The purpose of the website is to help others look and feel their best to be their best self at any cost.

    “I try to get most of my blog work/process done at 3pm and after the kids go to bed so I can be available to my kids.”

  • Friends of Housewives: Angie Katsanevas

    For its third season, Katsanevas will join The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

    According to Bravo, the new face is “a business owner, wife and mother. She’s always loyal, always has her friends’ backs but will speak her mind when they cross her.”

    He initially tried to be featured in 2019, however, he was unsuccessful.

    “Am I done with the Real Women of Salt Lake City you ask… The answer is NO… But we (Katsanevas and her daughter) have prepared for me and our mother to be called,” said Katsanevas. on his Instagram.

    “I had to say YES when they asked if there was drama in the salons. I’m sure the women they chose are beautiful. We Greeks will have another occasion to wear matching heels.”

    Angie K recently sparked controversy when she stepped out with a man wearing a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt.

  • Friends of housewives: Danna Bui-Negrete

    Bui-Negrete is best known for being a successful businesswoman and real estate agent apart from her involvement on RHOSLC.

    Although he has a famous career, not much is known about his life because he likes to avoid the media. However, he will undoubtedly increase the drama in the group this season.

    According to her biography on Bravo, she becomes “engaged in a group game” after exposing “rumors about Jen. [Shah].”

    Bui-Negrete regularly posts about her life on Instagram to her thousands of followers when she is not at work.

  • Everything to know about Jen Shah

    Jen Shah, born October 4, 1973, has been a fashion mogul with her three design companies, JAX Fashion, Shah Beauty, and The Real Shah Lashes.

    The housewife has been on three seasons of RHOSLC, with her arrest airing in an episode of the second season.

    Shah is married to Sharrieff Shah, the football defensive coordinator at the University of Utah.

    The couple married in 1994 and have two sons together: Omar, born in 2003, and Sharrieff Jr, born in 1994.

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