So Who Is The Game Awards’ ‘Elden Ring’ Bill Clinton Kid?

Last night at The Game Awards, as many expected, Elden Ring took home Game of the Year in the final award of the night. But as director Hidetaka Miyazaki, the translator and his team took the stage, something…amazing was happening behind them.

The child was hiding there. A teenager perhaps. He looked out of place among the middle-aged Japanese men standing there, and on Twitter everyone was asking who he really was. One of their children?

Then he took the microphone.

The best transcription of what he said in a somewhat cryptic tone is “I think I want to thank everyone and say that … I think I want to nominate this award to my orthodox rabbi bill Clinton, thank you everyone.”

At that point, it became clear that he shouldn’t be there, and he was quickly ushered off the stage. Geoff Keighley, editor and host of the Game Awards, in a tweet soon after that he was arrested. And then the internet was abuzz with memes and jokes based on the Elden Ring and just…disbelief, trying to make sense of what they just saw.

Here is what we believe we know about this child and what he was doing there, although I will refrain from writing his name as he looks young.

  • A Twitter account that appears to belong to a child has posted about the disturbance, taking credit. It’s an old account, related to his previous online activities that strongly protested police brutality and government repression in Hong Kong.
  • Earlier, the kid did the same thing in 2019 at BlizzCon where he interrupted the World of Warcraft panel by shouting “Free Hong Kong.” That was written on this Twitter account.
  • And in 2019, he was on TV at a Clippers game holding up a Hong Kong shirt that the cameraman had to leave:
  • He has a TikTok that talks a lot about Hong Kong, and at one point, he included a quote similar to the one we heard in this incoherent Game Awards speech.
  • Perhaps most strangely of all, he appeared on the conspiracy network InfoWars two years ago, describing him as “one of the young men of the civil rights movement” and making him talk about his Hong Kong protests.
  • There are unconfirmed DMs being sent showing him saying he’s going to do this on stage early, and then sending it early.
  • He follows me on Twitter, it turns out, so I’ve asked him to confirm his identity and comment on why he did what he did on stage, and I’ll update when I hear back.

Of course, he did not say when he arrived there was not arrested in Hong Kong, and references to his “converted orthodox teacher Bill Clinton,” while nonsense, feels as if it can be linked to some kind of anti-Semitic and Clinton- based conspiracy where there are a thousand varieties on the Internet. Even if he is just a kid playing.

But it’s more than a walk, because for Keighley and The Game Awards, a show last seen by 85 million people in 2021, this represents a major security breach. Although the kid just went up there and talked nonsense, it’s easy to imagine another scenario where a worried kid walked around the stage wearing a big black coat at an event watched by tens of millions of people full of industry celebrities and things could have happened. he’s gone… too bad, if he had bad intentions. There will have to be security adjustments after this, considering how he was at the show in the first place, he was about to go on stage, why he was left for so long and what he said. he was even allowed to speak without his microphone being cut off.

So, that’s what we know so far. He is a kid who has done this kind of thing before but now, he is on the biggest stage in the industry. We’ll see what happens next from here, and I’ll update with any developments.

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