‘Star Trek’ Ruth aka Maggie Thrett passes away at 76

Singer-songwriter Maggie Thrett, best known for her portrayal of Ruth in the “Mudd’s Women” episode of the original Star Trek, has died at the age of 76. Thrett’s family members told The Hollywood Reporter that Thrett died Sunday at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, New York, due to complications from an infection.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a US-based news outlet, Thrett also played a flower child alongside Judy Pace, Yvette Mimieux, Christopher Jones, and others in the 1968 play about sexual revenge Three in the Attic, which was a financial success independently. seller AIP. In Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a TV commercial featured him and the movie featured him and the project (2019). According to a report by Deadline, “Mudd’s Women” is one of the most memorable episodes of 1960s Star Trek, in no small part because it featured three stunningly beautiful women (Thrett, Karen Steele and Susan Denberg) who seem to have extraordinary powers. about the male members of the Enterprise crew – except for Spock, of course.

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The women are on their way to a mining site where they will become the wives of rich but lonely men who mine precious crystals of lithium. One of the most memorable contestants, Harry Mudd, gives them something known as “Venus,” which gives them the ability to be both attractive and attractive (Roger Carmel). Unfortunately, Thrett had to audition for the part even though Carmel was his next door neighbor. He didn’t know what the show was.

Diane Pine aka Maggie Thrett was born on November 18, 1946, in New York City. She attended the High School of Design in Manhattan and as a model appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. He released the single “Your Love Is Mine” in 1964 along with the B-side “Lucky Girl,” and the following year, he had a moderate hit with the song “Soupy,” written and produced by Bob Crewe, who He is best known for his work with The Four Seasons.

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When she spoke to author Tom Lisanti about her 2017 book, Talking Sixties Drive-In Movies, she revealed that Crewe encouraged her to change her name to Maggie Thrett because she “thought it sounded very British and very appropriate at the time.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, Thrett joined Universal Pictures and cast him in the science fiction movie Dimension 5 as well as the spy comedy Out of Sight as Wipeout, a killer. He also appeared on television in the same year in Run for Your Life, The Wild Wild West, and Star Trek.

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After that, he went on to appear in additional films such as The Devil’s Brigade (1968) and Cover Me Babe (1970), as well as in TV shows such as Cimarron Strip, The Most Deadly Game, I Dream of Jeannie, McCloud, and. Run, Joe, Run. Thrett retired from acting in 1974 and spent many years working as a hospital operator.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Survivors include his brothers, Richard, John, Larry and Robert; grandchildren Trudy, Kelsey, Hayley, Samantha, Courtney, Tracey and Dianne; and nephew Chris. She spent five years of her marriage (from 1975 until their divorce in 1977) to Canadian actor Donnelly Rhodes, whom she met while filming Run, Joe, Run. (who)

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