Team Liquid fields an all-Korean LoL roster in North America

LCS organization Team Liquid will usher in a new era with an all-Korean roster for 2023.

In a YouTube video, team co-CEO Steve Arhansett announced two big signings to complete their 2023 LCS roster – Hong “Pyosik” Chang-Hyeon and Park “Summit” Woo-Tae.

Piocic has made his mark as a world-class jungler in LCK. They recently made history with DRX in their Worlds 2022 Miracle Run, where they became the first play-in team to win an international tournament.

After playing under the Liiv Sandbox banner for three years, top laner Summit spent the 2022 season overseas, playing for Cloud9 in the spring and the LPL’s FunPlus Phoenix in the summer.

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Team Liquid signs Piocic and Summit, promoting two academy players for 2023

DRX is playing during Pyosik Worlds 2022
Credit: Riot Games

TL promoted mid laner Harry “Harry” Kang and bot laner Sean “Yeon” Sung from their academy roster. Both of them have been in the Development League in two years.

The last man standing from his 2022 team, Joe “KorJJ” Yong-in, continues his role as support for the 2023 season. TL Capital remains a dominant player in the region. He has won two LCS Championships and has been voted to the LCS All-Pro First Team six times in the past four years.

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“He’s been a rock for us. CoreJJ is so important to teach other players. He’s really dialed in developing TL’s ecosystem”, Arhanset said.

The all-Korean roster follows the LCS rule of fielding only two import players at a time. Haeri and Yeon have OCE and NA residencies respectively, allowing Summit and Pyosik to take up two import slots.

Team Liquid Welcomes Marin as Head Coach for LCS 2023 Season
Credit: Team Liquid

Leading the team is former SKT top laner Jang “Marin” Jeong-hwan, who will step into the role of head coach for the next two years.

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TL welcomed Kim “reignover” Yu-jin as their assistant coach. The veteran LCS coach previously played for the organization as a jungler in 2017.

Archansett said the team is currently camping in Korea for three weeks to prepare for the new year.

Team Liquid roster for LCS 2023 character
Park “Summit” Woo-tae Top
Hong “Pyosik” Chang-Hian Jungle
Harry “Hairy” Kong Middle lane
Sean “Yeon” Sung Bot lane
Joe “CorJJ” Yong-in Support
Jung “Marin” Jeong-hwan Head coach
Kim “Reignover” Yu-jin Assistant Coach

You can check out the full announcement below:

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