The One App You Should Change On Every Android Phone

There is one app on every Android smartphone that most people never change, unless there is a better option out there – the phone app itself.

Most people don’t realize that a call interception application can be replaced like a web browser, email client or any other application on a smartphone. Instead, they stick to the stock phone app provided by their smartphone manufacturer and miss out on a bunch of very useful features.

The phone app that I highly recommend for Android devices is Phone by Google. It’s free, has powerful features to keep you from annoying spam calls and makes it easy to ring local businesses, and it’s probably better than the one provided with your phone – unless your phone is a Google Pixel, then you’ve probably got it!

Phone benefits with Google

Google Phone has one major advantage – it deals with those annoying spam calls that are the bane of every smartphone owner’s life.

By default, Phone by Google alerts when an incoming call is suspected of being spam by flashing a big red warning on the screen. If the message is marked as spam, you can be sure it will be a boring call. I’ve been using the app for a week now, and every time a message was marked as spam (I get a few each day), I would reply to check if it was spam. Google got it right every time.

It’s so good, that I’ve now gone into the call settings and turned on the option to filter spam calls so they don’t even ring my phone and disturb me.

It is true that some Phone apps also have spam detection. The Samsung phone app does a very similar job, but there are other reasons to choose the Google app.

It searches for numbers

If you wanted to look up the number of your local pizza place, you can open Google and search there. However, Phone by Google lets you search for places within the phone app itself, in exactly the same way you can search for a contact stored on your phone (it does that too, of course).

It’s smart about how it searches for numbers, too. For example, if I search for “Domino’s”, the top three phone numbers returned are the three nearest pizza delivery service branches. When I search for “taxi”, it lists local firms.

All of that is based on your current location, not a pre-defined hometown, so if you’re in an unfamiliar area and need to call a cab or a local restaurant, you can do it directly from the phone app.

Advanced features

There are some robust features in Phone by Google, but they may not be available in your region or carrier. Virtual voicemail, where you are sent the text of voicemail messages, one such feature, like call screening, where Google answers the call (if it’s an unknown number, for example) and you can also read. a transcript of what the caller said to Google’s autoresponder before you decide to return the call.

If your current phone app doesn’t offer these features, it’s probably time to hang up.


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