The Stuff Gadget Awards 2022: Game of the year

You he can make the argument that 2022 will be a disappointing year for sports.

Despite being more than two years into the PS5 and Xbox Series X cycles, there are still a handful of games that you can truly call next-gen, and very few that haven’t been released on the previous generation of hardware. . Meanwhile, major titles such as Starfield again The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Empire both were surprised to arrive in 2022, and both entered next year. The lack of a proper E3 for the second year running didn’t affect the games that came out, but there has been a lack of excitement in the industry since the summer.

And yet, we will never forget February of 2022, which finally saw one of the greatest games ever coded, and our game of the year by some distance. Nintendo also had a solid year, even without Mario and Zelda, Microsoft’s Game Pass service is still extremely good value, and there are so many amazing games coming out of the scene all the time that the lack of AAA games for the second half of the year didn’t feel like a big deal. We also got Steam Deck this year, which changed our relationship with older games in our PC library.

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Not all the time, perhaps, but it’s far from a year to write off as a disappointment, and we can’t wait to see what 2023 brings for our eager thumbs and fingers. But for now, let’s celebrate the best entertainment of 2022.

Game of the year: Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the winner of the best game of 2022

Elden Ring it’s more of an open world Dark Souls. This is an open world game for people who have had enough of open world games, for people who have had enough of the constant hand holding, tower scaling and busy work side quests. Elden Ring the first open-world game of this scale since Breath of the Wild that fully trusts you to make your own adventure.

And what events will there be in the Middle States. You will die. More – that comes with a place in the FromSoftware game. But beauty Elden Ring that is, unlike Souls games that paved your way, sticking to a certain boss doesn’t present an ending. If you are struggling, you can just go and explore. Pick a point on your map, get on your horse and save yourself from failing miserably for another session.

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We can talk for days about the brilliant combat, the huge range of play styles the game allows, the incredibly complex world design, the unique NPCs, the mysterious story and the amazing boss battles. But the best thing about Elden Ring, this amazing masterpiece of open world RPG that has consumed our time this year like no other, that everyone’s experience is their own. Another big one.

Highly recommended: God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok highly recommended best game of 2022

in 2018 the god of war it was a reimagining of an almost forgotten series and a slasher series that hasn’t really been a big deal since the PS2 days. Not only was the combat more visceral and cinematic, but the game told a well-written and deeply personal story about fatherhood and legacy and regret that made it a big win for the PS4.

Next, it would not have the same effect, and it is true that the opening hours of God of War Ragnarok I feel very familiar. But in the end it is clear that this is a much bigger and ambitious game than its predecessor. Kratos is still a great character to both control and watch, flitting between slaughtering mythical beasts and worrying about his son’s awakening in a way that should be tiresome. There’s very little here that doesn’t exude quality, whether you’re playing the game or watching it. Year hungry for big-budget AAA productions, God of War Ragnarok the winter blockbuster we needed.

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Highly recommended: Stray, OlliOlli World, Return to Monkey Island

Well written Everybody Wants to Be a Cat, and a memorable cyberpunk meow-em-up, Go astraywe didn’t do much to change our mind. The world of OlliOlli an amazing cartoony skateboarding game that we still play today, too Return to Monkey Island you made us laugh more than all the games this year. The fantasy series feels as fresh as ever.

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