The Way Of Water Rises To $661M Global Through Thursday – Deadline

Friday MORE: 20th Century Studios/Disney’s Avatar: The Path of Water exploded with another $37.1M at the international box office on Thursday, leading to a run of $464M overseas. With 14.5M of China’s domestic gross, the world’s total is estimated $661.4M. This second installment should bring James Cameron’s sequel to $800M+ worldwide through Sunday. Another codicil here is arctic weather affecting large parts of the US

Overseas, the competition for China’s opening last week and this week is very strong, especially since the World Cup is over. France is up 70%, and Germany 35%. Italy, which has been struggling all along, is down 17% and Brazil is off by 22%.

The Way of Water it is the number 5 Hollywood release of 2022 worldwide. but they can expect a quiet weekend in most parts of Europe, Australia and Latin America due to the Christmas holidays. After this weekend, the play should remain strong during the week.

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Not included in the global total above, the cume for Thursday through Friday is estimated at $79.6M while that of Korea is $37.9M.

As of Thursday, the top 5 markets are: China ($74.3M), France ($41.8M), Korea ($34.3M), Germany ($28.9M) and India ($28.4M).

Maybe at the end of the week.

LAST THURSDAY: Strong and consistent midweek, James Cameron’s Avatar: The Path of Water it made the $600M mark worldwide. This comes after it quickly surpassed $500 million worldwide earlier this week, following its opening weekend of $446,000. The current global tally as of Wednesday is $609.7M including $426.8M from the International box office.

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The offshore cume rises The Way of Water to the fifth position of the Hollywood title on the 2022 overseas chart, it has passed Thor: Love and Thunder and The Batman.

On Tuesday, the 20th Century Studios/Disney sequel added $40.5M from foreign markets, and on Wednesday, another $39.5M.

In the house, as Anthony said, The Way of Water got the second big Wednesday of 2022.

Midweek internationals are landing on average 15% of the opening weekend (removing troubled China from the equation, it goes up to 17%). Looking at the markets that have fallen since last week, France’s Wednesday is up 64% this week (last Wednesday was the World Cup semi-final), Germany was also up, while Korea and Italy were down about 30%.

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As we head into the holiday week which sees Christmas Eve fall on a Saturday, and Christmas Day on a Sunday, we will see a slightly lighter second frame – but from December 26-30, the weekdays are also expected to be strong.

Overall, the top 10 foreign markets as of Wednesday are China ($70.5M), France ($37M), Korea ($32.1M), India ($26.5M), Germany ($26.1M), UK ($21.6M), Mexico ($19.4M) , Australia ($15.8M), Italy ($13.8M) and Brazil ($12.9M).

Not included in the above statistics are Chinese populations from China and Korea. In the first, an estimated $3.8M was added bringing the total to date to $750,000. In the latter, $2.17M is estimated for China to raise The Way of Water up to 34.7M.


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