The Way of Water’ Seeing $17M In Thursday Previews – Deadline

IMPORTANT: We’re hearing from our source that James Cameron’s sequel to his highest-grossing movie in the world, Avatar: The Path of Water, is currently on track for $17M Thursday night from showtimes starting at 3PM.

As always, these numbers are subject to change. Right now Avatar: The Path of WaterChina is moving around Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 ($17M Thursday night, $56M Friday, $146.5M 3-day), and less Jurassic World‘s ($18.5M Thursday from 7PM showtimes, $81.9M Friday, $208.8M opening) and that of The Batman ($17.6M Thursday night from 3PM, $56.6M Friday, $134M opening). The Batman he ran at two hours and fifty-six minutes, when Avatar: The Path of Water it runs at 3 hours and 12 minutes.

Here’s what you should always think about Avatar 2: People will flock to this with a visual appointment. That’s why distribution sources are expecting the movie to hold the weekend to the weekend, even if it comes this weekend. Avatar 2 It will not be preloaded like Marvel pics (Note Black Panther: Thrown Forpreviously posted $28M Thursday night, $84.2M Friday and $181.3M 30-day). Players watching Avatar 2 they want the perfect seat, the perfect time, the perfect style. I’m hearing that showtimes for prime 3D, Imax, Dolby and high quality shows are hard to come by in LA, NYC and Phoenix. It is the event auditoriums that are the drivers of ticket sales for the photo week.

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Until tomorrow, Avatar 2 will be playing in 4,100 theaters (or 12K screens) stateside, consisting of 400 Imax auditoriums, 950 PLFs (75% being 3D), 3,000 3D theaters, 280 D-box/4D moving auditoriums, and 85 ScreenX locations.

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Through this AM, box office analytics corp EntTelligence reports that preview night and opening day Avatar 2 representing only 53% of sales is the opening weekend, “which is a very good thing,” reports the org.

“It means that this movie is not ahead of the curve with box office drops. By way of comparison, a superhero movie usually has 70+% PreSales in Preview Night/Opening Day. Below 70% is a strong indicator of success. 53% for a total solar eclipse,” reports EntTelligence.

Another indication is that Avatar 2 not pre-loaded: 23% of all presales are after opening week. The following days of the film’s release, after the opening weekend, are doing better than Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The average ticket price for a 3D premium general seat is $18 Avatar 2, versus $12.53 for a 2D seat, and last week’s average ticket price of $12.04.

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The sequel has been Fandango’s #1 ticket-seller every day since Monday, December 5. Jon Landau created the sequel which also saw the biggest 3D ticket sales on Fandango since 2015’s. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. According to a survey of more than 4,000 Avatar 2 ticket-buyers, 79% want to see more blockbusters in 3D or premium big screen formats.

First day overseas BO of Avatar: The Path of Water on Nancy is $15.8M from 15 international box office markets, including France, Germany, Italy and Korea, and another $5,400 from an appearance in China for a total of $25,000.

Avatar: The Path of Water it’s 80% certified fresh among critics on Rotten Tomatoes, down from the 82% they gave it in 2009. Avatar.

More updates tomorrow AM.


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