Three observations from Bayern Munich’s 3-2 win against Hertha Berlin

The Bundesliga referees did their best to persuade Bayern Munich to drop points against troublesome Hertha BSC side that did not behave like the team that is part of the Basement Boys™ in the league. The Bavarians managed to maintain their 3-2 victory over the lesser-known team from Berlin and are at the top of the table for the time being. Goals by Jamal Musiala and the legendary Eric Maxim Chubu-Moting (x2) were enough to nullify the efforts of Dodi Lucbakio and Davy Silky from the penalty spot. What are the features of today’s match?

This gotta Herta!

As I said earlier, for a team in the lower half of the Bundesliga, Hertha was unusually attacking and gave Bayern all sorts of problems, among them Dodi Lukbakio. Man, this guy really has a thing against us and no one knows why. In any case, Hertha attacked mainly on the wings and got good chances to score from them and got two goals before the end of the first half, and both times Bayern fell asleep. The fact that they were unable to take advantage of these opportunities was a saving grace for Bayern as everyone looked drained of energy, and it was only in November. I wonder why this is true.

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FIFA indirectly pushes players to their limits

Organizing a major international soccer tournament in the middle of the season has always been a bad idea, but now everyone can see the losses being inflicted on national team players at club level. Teams are forced to play games in a shorter period, resulting in a gap of up to three days between matches. An increased workload means a greater chance of injury, and Alphonso Davies and Leon Goretzka seem to have done just that.

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Everyone started expressing their disapproval of the World Cup, which will start in about two weeks. This was evident in today’s game where a large banner reading “Boycott Qatar 2022” was displayed. FIFA really needs to rethink its approach in these tournaments because its standing could be affected by how things go.

Bayern is the architect of his downfall

I’d say we’re done with the VAR that happened because Hertha’s players tripped as if they were laced up each other, but this time I’m going to take a different approach. Bayern needs to replay the game before the other team has a chance to come back. Bayern will not always escape being unable to finish matches, with the Champions League resuming next year. This is a phenomenon that needs to be addressed seriously as it may be the thing that kills us rather than the game.

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Interested in further analysis of the game? Why not check out our podcast after the game? Talking about injured Davis and Mazraoui, Chobo-Moting for the Golden Ball, the World Cup and more! Listen to it below or on Spotify.

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