TV News Reporters Brave Blizzard — and Bloopers — While Reporting In Bitter Cold – Deadline

Less than 24 hours after a video of KWWL-TV sports reporter Mark Woodley doing a long walk in the middle of a blizzard for the station’s morning show went viral, major cable networks were out chasing viral video moments amid the low heat.

CNN sent reporter Lucy Kafanov out on the streets of Denver yesterday, it was -11 and according to Kafanov it felt like -20, there is another comment to make. The network returned to Kafanov several times during the morning so he could throw a cup of boiling water into the air to show viewers how cold it was. Of course the first time, at 10:13 am, it didn’t work. An hour later, the water turned to ice in the sky. The third time, in the afternoon, it just worked. He had backup, though.

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In the snow on the side of the road was a glass of wine that Kafanov had left for several hours. It was frozen, a good temperature indicator since, given its alcohol, the cold wine is about 22 degrees, not 32 degrees, like water.

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Over at the Weather Channel, they had reporter Dave Malkoff doing the same thing, but for less esoteric reasons.

“Let me show you.” [how cold it is] with this hot water,” Malkoff told viewers from Louisville, KY, “not just to show you how it gets cold, because everybody does that. I just want to show you how it goes,” said Malkoff, tracing a circle in the air with his finger, “you see that [unintelligible] How was it moving away from me? That’s the atmosphere that’s happening right now.”

Perhaps the most viral clip of the day came courtesy of Weather Channel veteran Mike Seidel. Seidel had been out all morning stopping in winds of up to 50 mph to show how bad visibility is Holland, MI. One day, while talking to a woman who was trying to get out of her car, Seidel was talking to her at the open car door when he suddenly shouted, “Oh! Oh! Oh!!! You all closed the door on my hand.” before he threw the door open.

“Im ok,” he said quickly.

The woman then responded strangely, and Seidel followed by saying, “You said you are stupid. Well, you said it.” Then he threw it to break.


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