Update: Bayern Munich suspect Morocco playing Mazraoui with COVID triggered pericarditis

Oh great, this is just a disaster. 2023 is the start of a curse for Bayern Munich as Nosair Mazroui is set to miss six to eight weeks due to pericarditis. It appears that the Moroccan full-back suffered from severe COVID-19 during his vacation after the World Cup. According to Bild, the player’s blood tests revealed his need for complete rest in the next few weeks. He will be tested regularly from now on, with doctors closely watching to determine when training can resume.

Needless to say, this news is devastating for Bayern’s hopes in the Champions League and beyond. Mazraoui was one of Hinrunde’s best performers and losing even the first leg of the PSG clash could wipe out the tie. With Lucas Hernandez and Manuel Neuer already left out, Julian Nagelsmann will have to deal with the absence of another key defender against the likes of Leo Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.

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As you may recall, this is the second year in a row that a Bayern full-back has been ruled out due to heart problems stemming from COVID. Last year, Alphonso Davies contracted myocarditis during the winter break and ended up missing matches until the second leg against Villarreal in the Champions League quarter-finals. If Mazraoui’s recovery schedule is similar, there may not be a quarter-final to play once he returns.

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Honestly, this news is just… heart breaking. There is nothing else to say. Just another example of pure bad luck in a season full of it.

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Meanwhile, Marcel Sabitzer did not travel to the team’s training camp in Qatar due to illness.

Update #2

what. Al-Mazraoui was infected with Corona virus in the World Cup? So why did he end up playing against France?

Just a note, the difference between what Al-Mazrawi possesses and what Davis possesses is that the pericardium is the outer fibrous layer that covers the heart, while the heart muscle (which was inflamed in Davis’ case, hence myocarditis) refers to the walls of the heart muscle itself.

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Update #3

So Bayern Munich suspect something after all.


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