Why is Chelsea vs Arsenal kicking off at 12pm on a Sunday?

Arsenal make a trip to face Chelsea at a very unusual time at 12 noon GMT on Sunday 6 November.

Two Premier League games this season have already raised eyebrows among fans as their teams have had to play at unfamiliar times as far as the usual weekend schedule goes.

over here, the athlete He explains the reason behind the timing of the London Derby on Sunday.

What are the start dates for the English Premier League?

Regular viewers of English football will probably be able to read the weekly schedule of the English Premier League by heart. The weekend usually starts at 12:30pm on a Saturday with BT Sport having the rights to that particular slot. That is, of course, unless a Friday Night soccer game is chosen which tends to start at 8pm in front of Sky Sports cameras.

Due to the blackout law in English football, matches at 3pm following Saturday cannot be broadcast in the UK. Since this blackout goes up at 5.15pm, the Saturday Night football game will usually start a quarter of an hour later.

Then, on Sundays, Sky Sports usually takes on two Super Sunday games starting at 2pm and 4.30pm. On the weekends following the middle of the European week, there will be more matches on Sunday, which, this season, are Arsenal, Manchester United and West Ham. There will also be a soccer game on Monday night sometimes which always kicks off at 8pm.

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What is the reason for the difference in televised launch times?

In this particular scenario, the game had to be moved into place early on Sunday due to Arsenal’s Europa League commitments. The match is shown live on BT Sport but the match cannot be played at its usual place at 12:30 on Saturday because the Gunners will be working on Thursday night.

Twenty-four hours after Chelsea’s clash with Dinamo Zagreb, FC Zurich is in London to face Arsenal in the Emirates. Mikel Arteta’s side has qualified for the Europa League knockout stage, but he will want to avoid a playoff against a Champions League team. Matching PSV result will guarantee them first place.

The shift between Thursday night’s game and a possible Saturday game at lunchtime is very short and it would be unreasonable to expect the Premier League leaders to play on those days. Instead, they get an extra day to recover and prepare with the game being played and shown on Sundays instead.

Have tee times been criticized before?

Yes, several managers of clubs competing in the Premier League and Europe have expressed their frustration at certain kick-off times. Arteta was actually one of those criticizing last season’s 12:30 p.m. kick-off.

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After being defeated by Liverpool on Wednesday night in March, Arsenal had to prepare for their early weekend trip to Aston Villa. They managed to win the match 1-0 to consolidate their hold on one of the top four places at the time, but before the match, the Spaniard was not happy.

He said:Thank you so much to the Premier League, for doing that and they’ve done it again when we have to play with Chelsea and Manchester United, so if they want to give them any advantage, I say to them today, thank you very much for doing it.”

Jürgen Klopp has also been a critic of this particular slot. In the midst of Liverpool’s ultimately unsuccessful four-way attack last season, his side had to follow up a visit to Villarreal in the Champions League semi-final on Wednesday night with a Saturday lunch trip to Newcastle.

Has the 12 noon slot been used on a Sunday before?

yes. The only other time it was used this season was another Arsenal game. Their 3-0 away win over Brentford in mid-September.

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Other than that, it’s one of the strangest times the Premier League has kicked off. The only other times it was used with any hesitation during the COVID-19 affected 2020-21 season was when each game was awarded an individual TV slot.

Will it be used again?

With no more European football until February, there are no plans for any of the other confirmed televised matches to be played at midday Sunday. All matches have been confirmed through the end of the holiday period and fans may be happy to hear that none of them will be played at 12pm on Sunday.

However, once you start playing the Champions League, Europa League and Europa League knockout matches, they can be used again.

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